Ahmed Mohamed

‘Clock Boy’ Returns to U.S. for Twitter Internship While His Family is Suing School for $15M

NASA Astronaut John M. Grunsfeld with Texas student Ahmed Mohamed at the 2015 White House Astronomy Night.
Photo by Harrison Jones of hjonesphotography at 2015 White House Astronomy Night.

Remember Ahmed Mohamed, aka “Clock Boy,” the Texas teenage “inventor” whose only real talent turned out to be dismantling an old clock radio and putting it back together in a shape that made some school officials think it was a bomb?

Well, after a hiatus in Qatar, where he accepted a full educational scholarship (praise Allah, right?), he and his family returned Monday to the United States so that he can participate in an internship at Twitter.

Twitter. Technological hub.

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The staff at Twitter might want to keep an eye on the kid to make sure he’s not dismantling and redesigning anything important in between fetching coffee.

I have a suspicion Clock Boy’s summer job is going to be one giant DNC/CAIR-sponsored publicity stunt to tell Americans how evil Donald Trump is for wanting to regulate the entrance of innocent Muslims into the country, because see? Ahmed is such a good, all-American boy, working at Twitter.

First clue that this is all a PR stunt: The family’s representative called the media ahead of time with flight information to make sure there were plenty of cameras to meet the kid and his parents at the airport.

Second clue: Facebook, NASA and MIT have all asked Clock Boy to come visit during his stay in the states.

Third clue: They all asked him via social media so that the press would be certain to see that they had asked him, ensuring big coverage when Mohamed goes calling.

Fourth clue: Just in case they missed it, the family made sure to tell the media about his summer itinerary.

The family even shipped in a grandmother from someplace in Africa to greet him at Dallas-Ft. Worth airport.

And if you aren’t already just waiting with bated breath to hear more about Mohamed’s life, there’s a rumor that there may be a 50-50 chance he could decide to finish high school in the states rather than his new home base of Qatar.

Either way, the teen, who said, “I’ve matured more. It’s normal to mature but I’ve matured way more since I got a little bit of publicity, and I’m happy for it,” will definitely want to attend college in the States.

And his return to the States has nothing to do with the family suing the school district and local police for $15 million — BTW, winky emoticon.

His scholastic interests include engineering, technology and coding — you know, all the majors that involve making stuff that looks like … other kinds of stuff that maybe … does stuff. …

“It’s beautiful to be here in USA,” said Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, who during his son’s troubles last year was posting 9/11 photos and “truther” conspiracies to his Sudanese National Reform Party page on Facebook, which did not remove any of his content. “It is our home and it is our country and we love it.”

Well, why wouldn’t the family love it? The bomb scare that the teen caused resulted in him getting to participate in a Google science fair, be part of Time’s most influential teens list,  and getting an invitation to the White House. Now, it appears that a whole parade of left-leaning companies and government agencies will be welcoming him this summer with open arms.

It sounds like he will be very busy. Wherever he goes, I’m sure it will be a real bang.


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