George Soros

Clinton’s Use of Illegals Funded by Soros

We should not be surprised that Hillary Clinton is now employing criminals to push her campaign. As I reported, Hillary has begun to use illegals to raise Latino voters. The hope is that the anti-illegal tone of Trump’s campaign will drive Mexican-American voters to oppose Trump.

But, it has been revealed the person paying for all these new campaign workers. None other than George Soros Himself is bankrolling the effort.

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The Free Beacon reports

Astrid Silva, the 28-year-old illegal immigrant who railed against Donald Trump during a prime-time speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention, was featured in the Clinton campaign’s press release announcing the new “Dreamer” effort.

Silva is the organizing director of the Progressives Leadership Alliance of Nevada, a social and environmental justice group that is already involved in a massive campaign to register 400,000 Hispanic voters for the November election. That effort, known as the “Families Fight Back” campaign, is almost entirely funded by liberal billionaire George Soros.

The fact that this billionaire socialist is now pushing his money to support this effort is not a real surprise, but it does give us a view into the type of country that Soros and his Leftist friends wish to build.

They are very ready to use anyone that is pliable. And the Latino vote, like the African American voter, is more interested in the benefit of their group than the values they espouse. If both groups would open their eyes to the wickedness perpetrated against themselves by the
Democrats, they would burn Hillary alive in public. The majority of the children killed in their death factories are children of color.

If we can ever get these voters to vote on such issues rather than their emotions, they would never support the wealthy, white master they now bow to.

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