Clintoncare VIDEO: Use Obamacare to Get Socialized Medicine

Now that Obamacare is destroying American healthcare, “public option” Clintoncare can take over.

Recently, Mike Pence pointed out that, if Obamacare metastasizes into Clintoncare, it will be “single payer”—government healthcare. Dr. Keith Ablow and Dr. Marc Siegel discussed on Fox News how this would happen:

The Democrat rhetoric of “increasing competition” by “introducing a public option” is insane. If companies are already pulling out of the marketplace because they are losing money, a public option will only work because it is funded by taxpayers. As I wrote earlier, if companies are already dropping out of the exchanges, the public option won’t stop them. It will simply become the only option. When that happens, Progressives will claim that “proves” the public option is better and has “won” in the “marketplace.”

We already know that a company with loads of taxpayer loot will beat a company without that access. That isn’t a real market.

The auto industry analogy used in the video is perfect. The government has basically regulated what cars can be sold and at what price. When car makers drop out of the marketplace because the government regulations prevent them from making any money, the government offers the solution of creating a government department that builds and sells cars.

Remember the Yugo? That’s the future of our medical care as Clintoncare. Government cars would be less dangerous to our health than “single payer.” At least, when we wrecked, we could go to the hospital and get quality care.

One hopeful sign is that Obamacare might implode too soon for Clintoncare to start. According to the Denver Post,

The Obama administration is worried that insurers bailing out of the health law’s markets may prompt their customers to drop out, too. So it plans to match affected consumers with remaining insurance companies.

The hope is to keep people covered, but there’s concern that the government’s match-making will create confusion and even some disappointed customers.

The new backstop was outlined in an administration document circulating among insurers, state regulators, and consumer groups. It also calls for reaching “discontinued consumers” with a constant stream of reminders as the law’s 2017 sign-up season ramps up. Open enrollment for starts Nov. 1 and ends Jan. 31.

It would be great if “the constant stream of reminders” began a week before the election. But I doubt even the White House is that stupid.

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