Clinton vs. Trump: the Ultimate Battle in the Culture War?

Sometimes it feels like I’m living in a parallel universe where two worlds co-exist in an uneasy truce, separated by an invisible yet real barrier. In one universe God dwells and human life is considered sacred. In the other, no god exists and human life is expendable; the planet itself is a revered object where all people are not equal and are subject to the whims of Climate Monitors who demand obeisance.

In matters of life, consider the Democrat’s patron saint of abortion, population control and eugenics, Margaret Sanger: She believed the fewer the black lives the better the society. Democrats, however, having succeeded in pinning their racial sins of commission onto the Republican Party, are immune to the rule of moral consistency and still, for reasons that defy logic, enjoy the party loyalty of Black voters. But fear of being ostracized by party loyalists is certainly part of the equation.

So who gets to decide which universe is best for humanity and whose values will prevail?   That is what this election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will determine, and the choices have never been clearer.

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Candidate Clinton for one, is a known congenital liar who is responsible for the deaths of four men, who has a background of corruption, who worships money and power, who was an enabler to a rapist/womanizing husband, who has an incendiary temper away from the cameras, and has been accused of selling access even to our enemies. She is so flawed that she could not even gain entrance to the White House as a visitor, and yet she believes – as do millions of other misguided souls including President Obama – that she is the most qualified candidate ever to run for president. That’s not just hyperbole, it’s delusional.

donaldTrumpFlagCandidate Trump, by contrast, is authentic; a people person, a successful businessman, irreverent, irascible, politically incorrect, and unabashedly puts America’s interests first. And he is attacked mercilessly for being who he is, while she gets a pass for pretending to be what she is not. Only in a corrupt system could such a conundrum gain such legitimacy.

Why then is Hillary Clinton the frontrunner according to many polls? Forget that she wants to be the first woman president, and other misguided women agree. Forget that other countries have had women presidents or prime ministers and that there is no essential improvement on that basis alone. The answer is simple: The Left, over time, has systematically degraded every one of our institutions, and their values are Hillary’s values. A couple of generations of young people have grown up under them and they know no other. For them Hillary seems mainstream. Academia, Congress, Wall Street, unions, the Church, the institution of marriage, the media, all have succumbed to the blandishments of the Left, and both parties’ power brokers reflect the malignant influence. Years ago the Black family was a valued role model until a paternalistic government stepped in, removed the fathers, and made so many of them wards of the state. Even the Supreme Court has been severed from its Constitutional mooring, and some justices actually believe they should make laws rather than interpret them. As for the mainstream media, they live in a bubble of self-importance, having surrendered all pretenses of objectivity to become mere cloying extensions of the Democrat Party.

So what does the future hold for America? As the voters decide this question, they would do well to consider George Washington’s words of warning in his Farewell Address. He predicted that America would be in mortal danger if the two party system deteriorated to the extent that party loyalty prevailed over the needs of the people. And that is precisely the state we find our country in now. Strangely prescient, Washington seemed even then to be advocating for a populist president. It is Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton who fits Washington’s vision.

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