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Clinton Still Blaming Abstract Social Issues for 2016 Loss 15 Months Later

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Americans around the nation and the world are busy adjusting to the devastating reality of the FBI’s abuses of power coming to light, and wondering where we can possibly go from here.

Well, not Hillary Clinton.  She’s still busy coming up with excuses for why her 2016 coronation didn’t happen.

Clinton, who was egregiously embarrassed by Donald Trump during the 2016 general election, has roundly refuse to go quietly into the night, despite the overwhelming evidence that her time as a political figure in America has come to a long overdue end.  Instead, Clinton has crawled back out of her self-imposed seclusion at her upstate NY mansion on several occasions in order to push insane theories regarding her electrical evisceration.

The doomed democrat even went so far as to write a book detailing her experience, with the on-the-nose title of “What Happened”, as if she has any semblance of control over the narrative of her defeat.

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Now, after a week in which she was seen on Twitter using the female-derogatory slur “bitches”, the “I’m With Her” candidate and former First Lady has slithered out of her hole once again into order to blame some abstract social constructs for her loss…15 months after it occurred.

“Clinton presented the ‘Human Rights Awards’ Monday at Georgetown University, where she sits as honorary founding chair of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security.

“Clinton spoke about the importance of female leadership in advancing human rights, justice and peace, and went on to discuss the 2016 election during a panel segment.

“’Any of you who’ve read my book about “what happened” know that I think misogyny and sexism was part of that campaign—it was one of the contributing factors,’ Clinton said. ‘Some of it was old-fashioned sexism and the refusal to accept the equality of women, and certainly the equality of women’s leadership.’

“Clinton told the audience that the way forward for women’s equality was ‘through the ballot box.’

“’Certainly, voting remains the principal way that every individual can express an opinion,’ Clinton said. ‘And anyone who chooses not to vote, basically leaves that opinion to others and perhaps don’t hold your values.'”

This tired old line by the pay-for-play Secretary of State has been doled out in spades over the course of the last year-plus in America, with the voting populace of the nation roundly refusing to give the career criminal the time of day.  Yet, she still presses on, perhaps sensing the impending doom of the 2018 midterms on the horizon.

One thing is for sure in this jumbled mess of partisan hackery:  If the democrats wish to remain a viable contender in this overtly conservative awakening of the American nation, they’ll need to distance themselves from Hillary Clinton immediately and thoroughly.


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