Clinton-Russia Relations Demonstrate Enormous Hypocrisy on Don Jr. Scandal

The Russian hoax being perpetrated by the leftist mainstream media has been evolving in bizarre ways this week, and now, a previously released email from within Hillary Clinton’s campaign could bring the entire house of cards crumbling down.

Liberals the nation over have been doing their damnedest to link Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to the Kremlin.  Their hope is to discredit and delegitimize the fairly elected President of the United States with an avalanche of unverifiable rumors and accusations, leading the American people to harbor massive doubts about Trump’s true motives.  So far, only malleable millennials sporting “Nasty Woman” shirts and “I’m With Her” bumper stickers have actually fallen for the ridiculous ruse, but that hasn’t stopped the fake news media from cramming this nonsense down our throats anyway.

Now, after Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer has reinvigorated the left’s massive witch hunt, they are facing a bit of their own medicine as the nation is revisiting the Wikileaks email disclosures from the 2016 Clinton campaign and finding damning hypocrisies pertaining to their own Russian hopes.

“In a piece titled, ‘Hillary Clinton forgets her part in a disastrous Russia policy,’ Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin referred to Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, asking, ‘Why did the State Department try to block the Magnitsky Act for so long?’

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“In 2012, the bill was passed when powerful lawmakers demanded the Magnitsky Act be grouped with the administration’s legislative push to repeal the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, a move that would ease U.S.-Russia trade relations because the law denied Moscow the ability to trade normally with the U.S.

“On June 20, 2012, Clinton wrote an oped in the Wall Street Journal titled ‘Trade With Russia Is a Win-Win,’ in which she sought to explain that retaining Jackson-Vanik ‘only fuels more anti-American sentiment in Russia.’

“’Russia’s membership in the WTO (World Trade Organization) will soon be a fact of life,’ she stated. “Failing to extend permanent normal trading relations will not penalize Russia, nor will it provide a lever with which to change Moscow’s behavior.”

“In the oped, Clinton referred to Magnitsky’s death and wrote, ‘We are continuing to work with Congress on addressing these issues.’

“Despite the questions raised about Clinton’s initial opposition to the Magnitsky Act, her actions to ease trade restrictions on Russia, and her husband’s ties to entities close to the Uranium One deal, former Clinton Campaign Press Secretary Brian Fallon took to CNN on Tuesday to accuse President Trump of enacting foreign policy toward Russia that may be “part of a quid pro quo based on help that was provided during the campaign.” No evidence has emerged of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“The Magnitsky legislation, meanwhile, has been in the news cycle over the past few days in regard to the story about Trump Jr. and his meeting with a Russian lawyer.”

As it turns out, Donald Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer, who admittedly has no connection to the Kremlin, was not as fruitful as he would have hoped.

The lawyer, who promised to reveal “dirt” on Hillary Clinton that could help Donald Trump’s chances at winning the 2016 election, wanted nothing more than to complain about the Magnitsky Act in the presence of Don Jr.  Given that this lawyer was granted special access to the U.S. by Barack Obama’s DOJ, the plot has thickened immensely.  It does not take a political mastermind to see the writing on the wall; Don Jr.’s meeting was a set-up by the Obama administration to garner ammunition against soon-to-be President Trump to be used at a later date.  Clinton’s bizarre actions in regard to the Magnitsky Act, and her husband’s paid speeches to boost the Russian uranium industry, weave an extremely tangled web of double-crossing democratic politics.


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