This is How the Clinton Machine Programs the Media Against Trump

There has been a lot of rhetoric in this campaign season about how the old media establishment is entirely biased to the far left and how the media system is rigged in a united effort to destroy Donald Trump. But what can we show to prove this contention? Well, early this week we saw a perfect example of just how the left-wing, Clinton machine programs the entirety of the media to push a story aimed at destroying Trump.

The seed was planted on Sunday by CNN’s left-wing commentator Brian Stelter, the scheme was then nurtured and propagated by the Clinton’s Media Matters for America organization, then carried from there to every single major media outlet, and thence to the whole of the media establishment.

This is how the left programs the coverage it wants because the media does not spend its time looking for stories to write about as a good media organization might but instead sits quiescently by its computers to await the word from the Clinton’s Media Matters organization to tell them what to write about. And last weekend’s seed story is one of the cleanest examples of that process.

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In this case, the Clinton campaign is working overtime to sell the American public on the idea that GOP nominee Donald Trump is unsuitable to become President of the United States. The Clintons have pushed this concept in a dozen ways, but the tact for October 16 was to insist that Donald Trump is lying when he says “the system is rigged.”

Not only do the Clintons want Americans to inculcate the idea that Trump is wrong to say the system is rigged, they want Americans to think it is un-American to worry about voter fraud, media bias, and government overreach. The reason the Clintons want Americans to think Trump is wrong — and more importantly, dangerous — about these things is because the corrupt Clinton machine and the Democrat Party that serves as their foot soldiers maintain their reins of power through vote fraud, media bias, and an ever increasing government.

If Donald Trump were to make inroads into the American mind by planting doubts about the Democrat Party’s tools of power the Democrat Party may begin to find those reins beginning to disintegrate. This, the Democrats and the Clintons feel, is a threat that must be mercilessly eliminated and Donald Trump is the single most dangerous man who has ever stepped up to challenge these important Democrat tools.

I wrote of the story the day after Stelter’s CNN harangue appeared, but even then I was not aware of just how well programed the media would become on the issue.

CNN leftist Brian Stelter lighted on a way to attack GOP nominee Donald Trump by insisting he is ruining the United States with his warning about massive Democrat vote fraud. Stelter maintained that Trump’s warning is “dangerous” to American democracy.

Stelter launched his attack on his “Reliable Sources” Sunday show, when he blasted the Republican nominee for what he says is one of the worst aspects of this campaign for president, Trump’s claim the election is “rigged.” It is a claim, Stelter said, “reporters” need to call him on.

As we are about to see, this call for “reporters” to launch a coordinated attack on Trump was soon dutifully launched.

After playing a few clips of Trump delivering his line that the election is rigged against Republicans, Stelter sonorously insisted that “Trump’s biggest lie is about the election itself.”

“He is alleging a massive conspiracy,” Stelter continued, “thereby creating a massive challenge for the news media. Trump has been planting seeds for over a year, warning supporters not to trust the government, the polls or the media, because it’s all rigged, he says.”

Unsurprisingly, Stelter next tried to hint that Trump is engaging in Nazi-like tactics to undermine America’s trust in government. “[O]ver time, the repetition, Trump’s lies about election rigging have become a form of background noise, more of the same, and this is a propaganda technique, whether Trump knows it or not,” he said. Then added, “If you say something often enough, if you plant enough seeds, people start to wonder, will my vote matter? Will it actually count?”

Stelter next praised a handful of reporters who questioned Trump or his supporters on vote fraud because as far as this CNN analyst is concerned, there is no such thing as vote fraud in this country.

“When there’s voter fraud, when it rarely happens, it’s investigated,” Stelter exclaimed. “So, it’s a test for our system. But what’s happening is also a test for journalism. There is a lot the media can do to instill confidence in our election system.”

Stelter finished by scolding Trump directly: “Mr. Trump, think of your children. America is great partly because everyone accepts the results of elections, for decades in the past and hopefully for decades to come. Inventing a conspiracy theory is no way to make America great again.”

Of course, we know right off that Stelter is a liar. This country has been awash in vote fraud pretty much since the birth of our nation. Just in modern times alone Jim Crow laws that took the vote away from blacks in the south had to be forcibly quashed by armed forces and the courts. In another case it was pretty clear that the Kennedys and the profane Lyndon Baines Johnson stole the election of 1960 from Richard Nixon and the Republicans (Nixon was inches from contesting the election until he decided to let it go). And less than ten years ago the left rose up en masse to take away Gorge W. Bush’s win in the year 2000 by initiating Bush v Gore in the Supreme Court (and then spent the next 8 years trying to undermine his presidency by claiming he was illegitimate).

And since the 2000 election each and every contest has seen multiple cases of vote fraud all with one common denominator: the vote fraud was committed by the Democrat Party.

Just in the last few weeks alone we’ve seen major cases of vote fraud in Virginia and Pennsylvania, a massive investigation into vote fraud in Indiana, and this week Project Veritas gave us a series of videos showing Democrat operatives proudly boasting of their everyday efforts to steal elections.

But these are facts. Liberals do not deal in facts. Liberals deal in lies.

After Stelter’s report the Clinton machine kicked into high gear.By Sunday afternoon the far left website that programs media coverage highlighted Stelter’s screed with a headline that informed the media how to frame the discussion to give maximum benefit to Hillary and maximum damage to Donald Trump.

Entitling its entry, CNN’s Stelter: Media Should “Instill Confidence” In Election Following Trump’s “Biggest Lie” That It Is “Rigged”, Media Matters set the liberal media establishment’s gears in motion.

Now, you may not know what this Media Matters for America is?

Firstly, the group is funded by George Soros, the liberal, the New Democrat Network, a number of hardcore unions, and several other deep pocketed liberal donors.

The group was created in 2004 by Clinton operative David Brock to act as a “counterweight” to the “conservative media.” This group has been responsible for some of the worst hits against Republicans and conservatives in the last decade. (See some of those hits at Wikipedia).

In any case, after CNN’s Stelter uncorked his attack, and Media Matters picked it up, the liberal media had received its marching orders and this claim that Donald Trump was destroying our democracy by undermining the people’s trust in the rigged system was taken up with gusto.

From Media Matter’s Sunday afternoon battle plans to spread the topic of the week, the old media establishment spent the following Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday following their orders.

Just take a look at the list of media outlets that dutifully accepted their instructions from Media Matters:

…. and on and on the list goes. Thousands of the exact same stories all across the old media all saying that Trump is wrong (despite the actual proof in front of all of us), all saying that he is “dangerous,” and all saying he is undermining American Democracy.

So, as you can see Media Matters easily programmed the entire media establishment.

This is how the media is programmed by the Clinton machine. This is how the left controls what we see and hear.

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