The Clinton Machine is Already in Motion, Bringing Up Nonsense From Trump’s Past

CNN’s Chris Cuomo spoke with Donald Trump surrogate Michael Cohen Tuesday, and as expected, the dishonest journalist brought up ancient history to attack the presumptive GOP nominee.

Trump has hit Hillary Clinton hard in the last few weeks for her enabling of former President Bill Clinton’s sexual behavior in the 1990’s.

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In a recent interview, Trump even mentioned the word “rape” when speaking of Bill’s alleged assault on Juanita Broaddrick.

Speaking with Michael Cohen, Cuomo dug up the past, and tried to use it against Trump. This is a bit long, but I think it’s important to show how the media twists the truth:

CUOMO: “He defended Bill Clinton for years. He said the same allegations that you guys are talking about now were a waste of time, were wrong, were hollow, that Bill Clinton was a terrific guy, that he was a great President…isn’t he bad for saying that Bill Clinton’s great, now going after him?”

COHEN: “All he’s doing is giving the facts.”

CUOMO: “No no no. He knew the facts in the 90’s when this was all happening. I call BS.”

COHEN: “He was a private citizen who was friendly with the Clintons, and he was trying to protect a friend. Now, it’s a different game…”

CUOMO: “So he was lying then?”

COHEN: “He’s not lying, he was protecting a friend. There’s a difference.”

CUOMO: “What is the difference?”

COHEN: “The difference is he was being a true friend. It didn’t matter to him.”

CUOMO: “So he would be friends with a guy he thought was a piece of crap?…He called Paula Jones a loser…he said Linda Tripp was a lying loser. ‘The personification of evil’…Why would I trust you when you say that all of the things you said then were false?”

COHEN: “He was a private individual.”

CUOMO: “So you tell the truth when you’re a politician, but you lie when you’re a private individual?”

COHEN: “He had no obligation to say anything to anybody.”

CUOMO: “But he said plenty.”

COHEN: “So what? He’s Donald Trump.”

CUOMO: “But that’s the record of what you believe.”

COHEN: “No no no no. He was standing up for a man who he considered to be a friend at the time.”

CUOMO: “So, he was saying things that he knew [were] untrue at the time?”

COHEN: “No.”

CUOMO: “Did he believe them to be true at the time?”

COHEN: “I don’t think he knew the answer. He was standing up for a friend…”

CUOMO: “This is about your guy–what he said: ‘Paula Jones is a loser, and she may be responsible for bringing down the President indirectly.’ Did he know it, or did he not know it?”

COHEN: “You’ll have to ask him that question.”

The attack machine is in action. Now that Trump is the presumptive nominee, the pro-Clinton media is using things Trump said in the past against him.

There are two possibilities here:

  • One, Trump had no idea that his then-friend was a sexual criminal. If this is the case, it makes total sense that he would defend Bill from what might have been false attacks by pointing out that those accusing him were “losers,” and “the personification of evil.” That’s loyalty–which in some circles is considered an admirable quality.
  • Two, Trump wasn’t sure if the multiple allegations were true, so he sided with his friend over the possible victims of Bill’s predatory behavior. Like any good friend would do, Trump  the women who accused Clinton of sexual assault. Trump simply brought a gun to a knife fight. Calling Linda Tripp “the personification of evil” and a “lying loser” was just a precautionary step in case Bill turned out to be in the right. Why is that so difficult to understand?

Despite no new evidence coming to light in the last twenty years, Trump has reflected, and come to the conclusion that Bill Clinton is indeed a sexual predator. He evolved. Gasp. He wants people to know that Hillary fully supported her husband’s behavior in the 90’s. She was a total enabler, trashing the women who attacked her husband. The alleged “champion of women” supported this disgusting man.

Yes, Trump also supported Bill at the time, but he was a private citizen. It’s totally different. Now that he’s in politics, everything’s different. He changed his opinion–but you’re not allowed to do that in politics apparently.

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