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Clinton-ites FURIOUS Over Mainstream Media’s Hillary Jokes

The Cult of Clinton has struck again, lambasting the American media for making light of the former First Lady and her utter failures over the last 14 months.

The democratic party of the United States made an enormous error last year in choosing Hillary Clinton to represent them in the presidential election.  Given the former Secretary of State’s incredibly diverse background in scandal and corruption, the idea that she could somehow compete with populist, non-politician Donald Trump was absurd from the very start.

Then, when it became obvious that Clinton couldn’t even quell the Bernie Sanders revolution in the DNC, she and her Deep State cohorts devised a plan to steal the nomination away from the Vermont Senator.  When this little tidbit of information became public, Clinton was further doomed by an angry and betrayed contingent of millennial voters who were ready for an end to the D.C. status quo.

Hence, President Trump was elected.

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There are still a number of Hillary hopefuls out there, however, who will stop at nothing to defend their failed candidate from any and all attacks, no matter where they originate from.

Take Vanity Fair, for example:  A liberal rag that was recently forced to give up the ghost of Clinton’s relevancy with a somewhat entertaining video in which the magazine gives advice to the democratic diva for 2018:


Apparently, even now it is not okay for the media to portray Hillary Clinton as anything less than a certified saint, based on some of the reactions that Twitter is currently hosting.

Hillary Clinton

Even former Hillary staffers got in on the action:

hillary clinton

This is exactly the sort of blind faith that has caused the democrats to fall into a pit of total irrelevance in the waning moments of 2017.

America is no longer interested in the career criminal that Hillary Clinton has turned out to be, nor are they in the business of continually defending someone based solely on their past achievements.  For proof of this, just ask Al Franken and Harvey Weinstein; two prominent democrats who have been dropped from public favor like a ton of bricks despite their contributions to the culture.

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