Clinton Foundation Financial Report Exposes Harsh Reality of Hillary Hate

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While she hasn’t quite faded away into obscurity yet, there is ample evidence that Hillary Clinton is well on her way to nowhere in 2017.

The failed democratic presidential candidate’s embarrassing electoral loss last year to Donald Trump signified a massive shift in American beliefs.  No longer are We The People complacent with the status quo in Washington D.C., where political dynasties such as that of the Clinton family just waltz into whatever office they see fit.  Hillary, who has been abysmally underwhelming in a number of political roles including Secretary of State and First Lady, was exposed during that presidential contest as a cheater and colluder, sparking a massive populist backlash against her.

One of the schemes and scams that was exposed, thanks to the fine folks over at Wikileaks, was a “pay-to-play” scenario in which a hefty donation to the “private charity” Clinton Foundation would garner you an audience with the Secretary of State who was, you guessed it, Hillary Clinton.

Based on these revelations, and the exposure of yet another aspect of the Clinton Crime Family, the Clinton Foundation has taken an enormous financial hit.

“Donations to the Clinton Foundation have plummeted since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, according to the organization’s latest tax filings.

“The latest tax filings released by the foundation a week ago showed that contributions dropped 42 percent in 2016 from $108 million to $63 million—right around the time Clinton lost last year’s presidential election, according to the New York Post.

“Donations tanked by 37 percent in 2015 after the organization tried to fend off allegations that Clinton had used the foundation to engage in pay-to-play schemes with foreign governments.”

Things could be getting incredibly worse for the Clinton Foundation as well.

Currently, a great many Americans and their elected officials are calling for an investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s apparent involvement with Barack Obama’s Uranium One deal with the Kremlin.  Accusations that the Clinton Foundation accepted enormous bribes from the Russian government in order to secure the nuclear deal have become public knowledge, furthering tarnishing the already heinous opinion that We The People have of the crooked and inept Clintons.

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