Hillary Clinton

Clinton Coughing Cacophony at Commencement Reignite Health Concerns

It seems that the only way Hillary Clinton can reign in concerns about her poor health is by staying in seclusion in her upstate NY estate.

The former first lady, and embarrassingly ineffective democratic candidate for President in 2016, was obviously quite ill during her time campaigning against, and eventually losing to, Donald Trump.  Numerous instances of her failing health were demonstrated throughout that long and arduous election cycle, including a number of coughing fits, an inability to ascend or descend stairs unaccompanied, and a full-on fainting fit after visiting the 9/11 memorial service in New York City.  Her campaign attempted, pathetically, to blame the entire debacle on a bout of pneumonia, but that diagnosis was quickly debunked by Clinton’s own symptoms and behavior.

Now, more than 6 months removed from that fateful election, Clinton has slowly been resurfacing in public.  This week saw the corrupt former Secretary of State attend and speak at the commencement ceremony of Wellesley College.  We use the term “speak” loosely, however, as Clinton struggled mightily with her ever-present cough throughout the engagement.

Clinton’s health was a major concern of many voters during 2016’s campaign.  The candidate herself did very little to put her constituents’ minds at ease either, sharing almost no medical history or records that could have proven her to be in fine health.  Instead, she alternated between ignoring the accusations altogether and claiming that the information that she had released was sufficient to instill confidence of her in the American people.

During the election process, one former Secret Service agent very plainly explained that Hillary Clinton was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, a possibility that was backed up not only by her peculiar head-bobbing movements during several televised appearances, but also by an email released by Wikileaks.  In the disclosure, it was shown that Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin had been instructed to investigate a drug well known to specifically treat Parkinson’s.

The democrats maintain to this day that stories regarding Clinton’s cough are “fake news”, which just so happens to be their scarlet letter that they pin onto any particular piece of information that doesn’t fit into their tidy narrative of Hillary’s health.


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