Clinton Campaign Manager OK with Stolen Trump Taxes, but Not Leaked Clinton Emails!

Fox News’ Chris Wallace, son of longtime newsman Mike Wallace, continues to prove himself to be one of the most competent and fair-minded journalists working today. After moderating the 3rd and final Presidential debate, and earning kudos for his efforts, Wallace was right back at it again this weekend interviewing Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook. On Fox News SUNDAY, Wallace asked Mook to explain the hypocrisy of complaining about their leaked emails, but having no problem with the New York Times releasing Donald Trump’s stolen tax information.

Mook was, of course, flummoxed.

Chris Wallace: You know, the Trump tax returns were stolen as well when they were mailed to The New York Times. You guys didn’t object to that, in fact, you jumped all over them.

Robby Mook: Well, we don’t know where those tax returns came from.

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Chris Wallace: Well, they were clearly stolen.

Robby Mook: We don’t know that.

Chris Wallace: Do you think Trump had given them?

Robby Mook: I don’t know. I don’t know how they got to The New York Times.

Wallace also pressed Mook on the implications of some of the leaked emails, like the one showing obvious pay-to-play behavior between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation with regards to Morocco. Morocco “donated” $12 Million to the Clinton Foundation with the understanding that the Clintons would host a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) event in Morocco and that the Clintons would personally attend. When asked about this, Mook deflects.

Chris Wallace: I know about the Russian connection. I’m talking about the $12 million from the King of Morocco and the fact that this continues to sort of show the line between private and public and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

Robby Mook: I think we got to look at what decisions were made. There was a meeting in Morocco, Secretary Clinton decided not to go, focus on her campaign here, and again, we’re having —

Chris Wallace: But then Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton went. Correct?

Robby Mook: My understanding is they did go, but she did not. Again, this is the discussion the Russians want us to be having. They stole this information, they’re selectively leaking. I can’t even verify the information you have there. We simply don’t have enough time as a campaign —

Chris Wallace: I promise you, if these were not true, you’d tell us.

Robby Mook: And we are trying to go through some of them as we can. But we don’t have time to go through them all. And again, this is a distraction put in place by the Russian government at the suggestion and encouragement of Donald Trump. That should be a chilling fact for every single American.

Later, Mook appeared on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper where he faced similarly difficult questions and appeared similarly confused when presented with the facts of Hillary’s corruption.

Jake Tapper: Donald Trump says that your campaign or the Democratic National Committee are behind the accusations against him of sexual misconduct.

I know Secretary Clinton yesterday said the charge is inaccurate. But let me put it more narrowly. Have any of these women have any — had any contact with your campaign or the DNC?

Robby Mook: These accusations are not coming from our campaign.

Jake Tapper: But have they had any contact? Have they had any contact?

Robby Mook: It’s not — not that I’m aware of. I don’t know about any contact. 

I feel bad for Robby; it must be difficult to try to make criminal activity sound like normal, everyday behavior. On the other hand, maybe if he wasn’t so callous to corruption, his conscience would have kept him from trying to get the most corrupt politician in America elected to the presidency? Take my advice, Robby, it’s time to get a new boss.

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