Clinton: Burning Bernie Sanders

The year 2008 was supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s year, the year of her coronation as the Presidential nominee for the Democrat Party.  Everything was on track.  It was going to be perfect.  She would walk into the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado for the DNC, receiving her crown as the true and rightful queen.

But then a wild card entered the race in the name of Barack Hussein Obama, a young, sturdy looking politician whose star was on the rise.

Unfortunately for Hillary, both the press and the party faithful liked Obama better than her. He was a great orator and connected with the people. Hillary, on the other hand, wasn’t as well-liked.  According to the polls, many saw her as untrustworthy and insincere.

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What was supposed to be the highlight of her life, turned into an all-out war! The unknown Senator from Chicago against the former First Lady and one term Senator from New York.

It was a long fought battle with both candidates scoring victories in key states.  But in the end, Hillary saw her dreams come crashing down. Instead, Barack Obama came out on top as the presumptive nominee.

Now Hillary would have to wait at least four years, possibly eight, for her day to come.  She couldn’t, and she wouldn’t, allow this travesty to happen again.

Hillary needed a plan—a plan that would guarantee she got the nomination the next time she ran.  The Clinton machine went into action on her behalf.

But first, she would need to do something she didn’t want to do.  She would have to endorse the man who robbed her of her rightful place in the history books.  After all, she will need the party to view her as a team player if she is going to pull this off.

But if Hillary endorses Obama, she needs something in return.  So she cut a deal in which she would be appointed Secretary of State.   This position would look good on her resume the next time she ran for President.

But Hillary needed more assurances.  She needed to have a friend, a close friend high up in the DNC.  But whom?

How about her 2008 campaign co-chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz?  Yes, that’s it!  Hillary could have her appointed as head of the DNC.  Debbie was a friend, and she was loyal and trustworthy, at least to Hillary.

But there’s one problem!  What if the current head of the DNC didn’t want to play the Clinton game? What could she promise him to make him step down and recommend Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the post?

A light went on in her crooked head.  Hillary would promise to name him as her Vice-Presidential running mate.

And stepping down as DNC chair is what the former Governor of Virginia and its current Senator, Mr. Tim Kaine, agreed to do.

Now she had her people in place.  Now she would achieve her goal of being the first woman nominated by a major political party.  Hillary could taste it.  She could feel it.  The power and glory would soon be hers.

The only thing left to cover, the one random element Hillary couldn’t control, was the possibility of another candidate, like Obama, to rise and steal her thunder.

But alas, with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, her former campaign co-chairmen, as head of the DNC, and the promise of the former DNC chair, Mr. Tim Kaine, becoming her VP pick, they would make sure to rig the system in her favor.  How?  By helping to select super-delegates who would see things their way.

Hillary breathed a sigh of relief.  If anyone dared to challenge her coronation, the party leadership would place a string of roadblocks in front of them to make sure they failed.

My friends, the history lesson you just read is not a fairytale; it is a nightmare—a nightmare Bernie Sanders soon discovered.

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