Clinton Aide Called Private Email Use “F***ing Insane”!

WikiLeaks’ steady drip of the Podesta Emails has been a boon for reporters, conspiracy theorists and the GOP, and that doesn’t seem likely to end anytime soon. As Election Day draws ever nearer, John Podesta’s emails grow steadily more incriminating and insightful. The latest release has several Bombshell implications that we’ll attempt to cover in a series of posts, but for this one I wanted to focus on the disbelief that Clinton’s aides had about her private server.

In the latest WikiLeaks revelation we learn that some in Clinton’s team were very worried about Bernie Sanders winning the nomination, and that they knew her private email server would end up hurting the campaign.

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Neera Tanden has been featured prominently in the WikiLeaks releases thus far because she is closely tied to Hillary Clinton through John Podesta. Back in July of 2015 she was going to be appearing on CNN with host Jake Tapper to discuss a new poll that compared the Democrat candidates against the Republican candidates. Tanden was writing Podesta to explain­­ her concern that the poll would not be good news for Clinton, to which he replied, “Can you imagine what the Republicans would do to [Bernie] if he were the nominee?”

Tanden seems to agree with Podesta that Bernie would be a terrible choice for the nomination, responding with “Let’s hope the Democratic Party is not suicidal.” Sure that’s a harsh jab at Bernie’s candidacy, but Tanden saves the harshest blow for Hillary Clinton herself when, in a follow-up email, she asks who decided that they should use a private email.

Do we actually know who told Hillary she could use a private email?

And has that person been drawn and quartered?

Like whole thing is fucking insane.

Ouch. Accurate, but ouch.

The insanity of this entire scandal is epic… but what is even crazier (and is an obvious indictment of our national political discourse) is that in less than 2 weeks, this horribly corrupt, utterly immoral woman may be elected President.

“F***ing Insane” is an apt description of the mess we’re in.

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