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Climate Hoaxers Foiled by ACTUAL Science Once Again as Ice Age Looms

As I’m sure we are all aware, liberally-minded pseudoscientists have virtually conquered the public discussion on so-called “climate change”, despite troves of evidence to the contrary.

To recap the plight of the global warming hoax, we must first look at the American democrats, the radical left, and the globalists, who are all truly just extrapolations of one another to begin with.

The end game of any democrat worth their salt in the party is globalization.  By breaking down the sovereignty of states and nations, the left can add innumerable strength to their misguided cabal from the far reaches of Scandinavia, Russia, and the far east.  Without these voices singing in unison, the American democrats will likely just fade away into oblivion in the very near future…something that the ice caps will not be doing anytime soon, despite the dire and dramatic diatribe of the left.

You see, America is undergoing a massive conservative awakening, and the democrats have turned to their evil overlord George Soros for protection.  What Soros wants in return are political favors that will suit his vast business interests, and, given his extraordinary wealth, can only truly exist on the global scale.  This puts ol’ Georgie in the business of turning wealth into power in the fewest steps possible, leading him on a path to globalism that will consolidate those whose palms need greasing.

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One way to achieve this quickly?  Create a truly global threat that only a coalition of nations can solve.  Like, for instance, if the planet was heating up so fast that it doomed us all.

The only problem with their plan, however, is that none of it is true.  Science has thoroughly debunked the global warming hoax hundreds of times over, but, just in case there were still some holdouts in the back of the DNC with their fingers in their ears, here is yet another example of why the entire charade is collapsing.

“A study by the University of California San Diego has claimed that by 2050, the Sun is expected to become cool. You might think ‘what’s the big deal,’ but remember that this means the solar activities that create the heat of the Sun to sustain life on Earth may diminish. And the last time it happened was in the 17th Century, when the Thames River froze. Scientists call this the ‘Maunder Minimum’.

“Physicist Dan Lubin at the university and his team studied the past event and concluded that were are in for a worse case. The Sun is expected to get much dimmer than last time and, in scientific terms, it is a ‘grand minimum’ — a time period in the 11-year solar cycle when the solar activities are at the lowest point.

“According to the study, titled Ultraviolet Flux Decrease Under a Grand Minimum from IUE Short-wavelength Observation of Solar Analogs and published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters, this grand minimum will be 7 percent cooler than such periods from the past.

“Scientists also said that the Sun might have another cooling period in a decade.”

Of course, the words “Maunder Minimum” are likely on the first page of whatever neo-Fascist rule book the left is using to censor the debate on climate change.

But, in the words of the great Neil deGrasse Tyson, a staunch climate hoaxer,

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

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