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Climate Change Claims of Consensus vs. Reality on the “Other Side of the Coin”

Today we continue our series on the fraud of global warming. Go back and check out the first three articles in the series from last weekend.

Claims of Consensus vs. Reality on the “Other Side of the Coin” (Part 3)

In this next part of the series, it is important to recognize that “Consensus”, whether Political or even Scientific, is not the same and no substitute for properly verified observations and actual “Proof”. Proof that the GWA has not been able to provide, so they rely on biased computer models they invent and craft to support their hypothesis.

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If we accept “Consensus” as proof then we might still consider the “Earth to be Flat”, or be jailed as proposed by members of the GWA that wish to criminalize Deniers, much like Galileo who was convicted in 1644 for “Heresy” because he agreed with Copernicus that the Sun, not the Earth, was at the center of our solar system and he simply claimed that all of its planets orbited around the Sun based on honest scientific discovery.

  • Not until 1992 did the Catholic Church admit that their “Consensus” opinion and actions were wrong!
  • A Medical Doctor & Scientist “Consensus” forced Louis Pasteur to flee arrest in Paris because they refused to believe his work on microbes and antiseptic practices – Fortunately for us and millions of others he resisted intense persecution by the “Consensus” and also gave us Pasteurization and cures for Anthrax and Rabies.
  • Now the same GWA politicians and richly-funded GWA scientists fear the truth and ‘Deniers’ that threaten their flow of millions of taxpayer dollars to them to create more GWA propaganda in support of the Global Warming Myth and their own fabricated climate crisis – They have even proposed criminalizing citizens or scientists for denial of Man-Made Climate Change (How very Unscientific)!.
  • The GWA claim that 87% of all Scientists believe in Anthropocentric Climate Change is exaggerated and highly suspect.
    • Over 31,000 highly-qualified Scientists have officially Certified, risking persecution as ‘Skeptics’, that they Do Not Believe in Man-Made origins for Climate Change as well as many thousands of others which tolerate GWA claims since they may not be able to endure the political intimidation and withholding of grants and subsidies to them or their member organization/colleges/labs. Likewise, they may be fired and blackballed for publishing factual scientific results that conflict with the GWA position [It has happened all too frequently!].
    • Nobel Laurates, Former Astronaut Scientists, The founder of the Weather Channel (John Coleman), well-known and Veteran Meteorologist Brian Sussman – the Author of the excellent book, “ClimateGate” who exposed the Global Warming Scam, Former Proponents of GW Theory which are now Skeptics. – The list of highly-qualified scientists and meteorologists that are ‘Skeptics’ and convinced ‘Deniers’ is very long.   Consider this example:
    • Ivar Giaever, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1973, questioned the theory behind fears about rising carbon dioxide levels and said that the theory is not backed by evidence. “Global warming really has become a new religion. Because you cannot discuss it.
    • Giaever was one of more than 100 co-signers in a letter to the president in March 2009 that was critical of his positions on global warming, saying, “We the undersigned scientists, maintain that the case for alarm regarding climate change is grossly overstated”.
    • At the 65th Nobel Laureate Conference in Lindau, Germany in 2015, Dr. Giaever dismissed Obama’s Climate Change Claims as a “Ridiculous statement – I would say that basically global warming is a non-problem”.
    • According to National Geographic, March 2015, pg. 45, around 50% of the USA public do not believe in “Global Warming” – Rightfully So – Most ‘Skeptics’ believe the basis for GW-science is a myth, or lacking since it is only supported by GWA-biased man-made complex models that have a poor record for accuracy in predicting Climate Change and its extremely tenuous link to Man via Trace CO2 gas concentrations.
  • climate change 12
  • These GWA extreme and exaggerated claims of Man-Made Climate Crisis are predicated on Fear, not Science – Claimed 4-times in recent years with opposing and overlapping Calamity Threats, usually within the next 5 – 7 years, then extending it — hoping to be right, but Always False, Unwarranted and Wrong – Never admitting that there seems to be up-and-down Cycles here (e.g., Perhaps Solar Cycles?):
    • 1895-1930s: Predicting a “Coming Ice Age”.
    • 1920-1960s: Predicting “Global Warming”.
    • 1950-1970s: Predicting a “Coming Ice Age”.
    • 1990-Present: Predicting Unending “Global Warming” as an imminent threat & then hedging all GWA-bets on ANY “Climate Change” so they can create spin to blame it on Man & Fossil Fuels.
  • “The human capacity for guilt is such that people can always find ways to blame themselves,” Stephen Hawking: “The Grand Design”, 2010, pg. 16-17. See the Centuries where Human Guilt placed blame:
    • Prior Centuries: Bad Weather – Due to Human Guilt to Sun, Nature or the ‘God’ de-jour
    • 15th – 17th Centuries: Witches – Many Women were Burned and Killed when wrongfully blamed
    • 17th – 19th Centuries: A Vengeful God – Punishment for their Sins requiring Pious Atonement
    • 20th Century: Man’s use of Fossil Fuels and Industrialization – Wrongfully accuse CO2 & GHGs
    • 21st Century: The New Scientific Reality: Natural Sun & Earth’s orbit, axis tilt & magnetic variations.

Of course there is a need for “Clean Air” standards and regulations to keep our atmosphere clear of actual pollutants that can cause health problems. However, regulations regarding CO2 are unwarranted since it is Not a Pollutant (i.e., it is Not Harmful to us at as much as OSHA approved 5,000 ppm and up to around 10,000 ppm is considered safe vs. today’s 400 ppm levels) and Carbon Dioxide is also Essential & Good for all Plant and, in turn, Human & Animal Life on our planet.

Satellite photos now show dramatic greening of our planet including desert areas due to enhanced levels of CO2.  Furthermore, CO2 along with water-vapor (H2O) play a useful and generally beneficial role at 50,000 feet above in our atmosphere using the Sun’s rays to keep our planet pleasantly habitable due to the Greenhouse Effect balancing the light-energy (e.g., heat) that escapes into our stratosphere and some that is reflected back into our Troposphere (mainly by water-vapor 95% and to a much lesser extent, trace CO2).

The following excerpts from Telecom 2007 Conference Proceedings: “The Global Warming Myth”, by Dr. Noah Robinson, PHD in Chemistry illustrate just a few of the many scientifically proven benefits of natural and human emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the plants and crops upon which man depends.

climate change 13

Never-the-less, it is good to see Alternative Energy Technologies develop, but they should not be fostered by a fabricated ‘Crisis’ to advance the goals of special interests. Now that “Green Energy Sources” have a good start — they need to grow under a free-market without taxpayer and borrowed green-energy subsidies of $39 – $68 Billion/year that add to our already over-burdened national debt.

Conclusions – Part 3

The GWA claims of “Consensus” have been highly fabricated by selective reporting and gross exaggeration. Thousands of honest scientists and many of those trapped by biased GWA subsidies are appalled by the extreme politicization of Climate Change and intimidation as well as its lack of a proper scientific basis.


The next section, “Part 4: There is no GWA Climate Crisis, Except in the Minds of some Politicians”, where some of the complex and extensive politics are exposed that explains how the politicization of Climate Change has created and sustained this controversy aided by an all too willing, and perhaps in some cases naive, media. Come back tomorrow to learn why Global Warming is only a crisis in the minds of politicians.


Byron Claghorn

Byron Claghorn is an experienced Business Analyst, Project Manager and Technical Writer. With a keen interest in science, the Global Warming and Man-Made Climate Change claims did not ‘Ring True’, so he has focused much time and effort in its research and reporting in this series of articles: “Man-Made Climate Change? – The Science on the Other Side of the Coin”. As a result of trying to ‘Connect the Dots’ in this highly politicized subject of “Climate Change”, this series will both inform as well as provide an example of how you can verify these facts, plus empower you to continue to question and ‘Connect your own Dots’ on this subject.

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