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Climate Change March Shut Down in Denver Due to Inclement Weather

For the few remaining believers in the climate change hoax, it seems that nothing will ever convince them to give up the ghost of their movement…even a sign from above such as the one they experienced in Denver this weekend.

The hoax, which was adopted early on by liberal politicians as a way to push their globalist agendas, has persisted on the left for years, even in the face of massive scientific findings to the contrary.  The propaganda campaign behind the bunk theory is extremely strong, with cute and cuddly polar bears looking for bigger pieces of ice to float on, as well as all of the hypothetical maps of how drastically our coastlines will change in the next [however many] years they intend to push the hoax.

The truth of the matter is much more complex than anyone on the left is willing to admit, and those who are continuing to persist within the hoax are doing everything they can to ignore the obvious signs that Mother Nature has been throwing their way.

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“While Leonardo DiCaprio was marching around in Washington, D.C., at a global warming event on Saturday (he no doubt flew in on his private plane, burning fossil fuels and murdering the environment along the way), protesters in Denver couldn’t join in the fun.

“No, they weren’t all too stoned to march. A spring snowstorm dumped a foot of snow across the region, and the blizzard forced organizers to move the event to Sunday.

“Climate changers say that humans have altered the climate — and it’s not just warming. First they said climate change will cause more hurricanes, but when those dropped off to just a few a year, they said climate change could also make hurricanes less frequent. Plus, climate change means — to them, anyway — that snow could fall in late April.

“Still, the snow really messed up the planned protest in Denver. ‘Protesters in Denver are also hoping to engage in a so-called “die in,” according to event planners,’ The Daily Caller reported.”

The switch from “global warming” to “climate change” is just another liberal copout.  As the warming theory continued to take flack from scientists all over the world, these lofty liberals needed to do something to maintain their grip on leftist politics and further their globalist agenda.  Now, instead of being led to believe that the planet is simply heating up, we are supposed to believe that any and all massive shifts in weather are based on human damage to the environment.

Convenient, isn’t it?

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