Cleveland’s Fourth of July Caliphate Calamity Curbed by Cops

The unfortunate truth about the horror of organized terror is that, at their most effective, these barbarians will strike not only their political enemies, but the very souls of those who have been targeted.

That is because, unlike conventional war, terrorism seeks to inflict mental damage as well as casualties.  To be honest, we may never see “conventional” war again, where generals and their armies prepare themselves for battle in formation, taking commands from an on-the-ground leadership team.  Those were the days before semiautomatic weapons and drones.  Now, all war seems a bit more urban, and less urbane.

But terrorism, on the other hand, chooses its targets based on public image and how best to create the deepest emotional chasm for their victims.  How can they bring the “infidels” from their highest high to their lowest low?

By attacking Christmas markets full of holiday cheer, and little girls leaving an Ariana Grande concert.  They take young, European hipsters at The Bataclan and mow them down while they are dancing and drinking.

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Terrorism isn’t war.  It’s horror.

So it comes as little surprise that, in America, the targets that are chosen have deep-seeded meaning to us.  The Pentagon.  New York City, which for all its faults is still a spectacle of American culture.  The Olympics in Atlanta.  These places were chosen symbolically, not necessarily for their potential casualties.  (The World Trade Center is an aberration here, as the collapse was simply collateral to the intent of the hijackers).  Terrorists just want people to feel uncomfortable.

How many Americans do you think were looking over their shoulders at the next concert they went to after the Vegas massacre?

Now, a radicalized American has been arrested attempting to hit us where it would hurt us the most in the coming days.

Federal authorities have arrested a man who allegedly planned a terrorist-style attack in downtown Cleveland on July 4.

The FBI said Demetrius Nathaniel Pitts — aka Abdur Raheem Rafeeq — was taken into custody Sunday around 10 a.m. on accusations of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

“He talked about wanting to target people watching fireworks over downtown Cleveland,” United States Attorney Justin Herdman said.

NOTE: You can see a full copy of Pitts’ affidavit at the bottom of this story.

Pitts will make his first court appearance at 2 p.m. Monday.

Last week, Pitts allegedly told an undercover agent: “I did tell myself that their holiday is coming up. The Fourth of July. Independence Day. What would hit them in the core? Blow up. Have a bomb. Blow up at the Fourth of July parade.”

Now, to be quite honest and frank, I was concerned about a possible 4th of July terror attack earlier this week, but I wasn’t ready to pin it on radical Islam.  My money was on the safer bet:  The radical leftists of America.

Thanks to the rampant rhetoric of women such as Maxine Waters, the lunatic fringes of the democratic party have turned to political warfare instead of pure pontification in recent days.

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