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Cleveland Caves to Political Correctness, Remove Chief Wahoo

Americans are suffering today from a longstanding plague of political correctness that is being spread by the liberal left, who are still panicking over the election results of 2016.

During that bizarre and arduous contest, populist President-to-be Donald Trump took a stand that many Americans believed was long overdue, and called out the incessant advancement of political correctness as unrealistic and detrimental to the future of our great nation.  Trump’s logic was simple:  Americans will not be able to compete in a world that is not explicitly catered to them if they find themselves offended at every turn.

In a crude analogy, the fear is that Americans will soon be more offended by the recognition of radical Islam than they will be fearful of ISIS – lending the terrorist group an “in” with the radical left in our nation.

We are already seeing the effects of this self-destructive ideology within the progressive ranks, as transgender rights have become the cause du jour for many on the left.  In turn, feminism has taken a huge back seat in both funding and advocacy.  Women are, in many instances, still being treated as second class citizens while social justice junkies foam at the mouth over the 70-some invented pronouns of the last year are still not being used correctly.

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Political correctness is a war of resources, and if your cause falls out of favor, it loses meaning to the left.

Now the Cleveland Indians, one of the most storied baseball teams in all of American history, are finally cowering to the political correctness executioners.

“The Cleveland Indians announced Monday they are dropping the Chief Wahoo logo from their uniforms next year, bowing to decades of complaints that the grinning, red-faced caricature used since 1947 is racist.

“The move came after protracted discussions between team owner Paul Dolan and baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred.

“The cartoonish, big-toothed logo will come off the team’s jersey sleeves and caps starting with the 2019 season.

“‘Major League Baseball is committed to building a culture of diversity and inclusion throughout the game,’ Manfred said in a statement. He said the logo ‘is no longer appropriate for on-field use.’

“The decision is unlikely to quell complaints from Native American organizations and others who see the symbol as offensive.

“The Indians will continue to wear the Wahoo logo in 2018, and even after it is taken off the uniform, the club will still sell merchandise featuring the mascot in the Cleveland area.”

The Atlanta Braves, who have long phased out their First Nations mascot Chief Noc-A-Homa, attempted to bring the proud, screaming Native American visage for batting practice caps in 2012 and were quickly derided by progressive fans of the game.


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