Black Lives Matter

Classless Twerps Vandalize Fallen Officer’s Memorial in South Carolina

Thanks to groups such as Black Lives Matter, a distrust and distaste for the police officers of America has gone mainstream.

Impressionable youngsters across the nation are turning on their televisions to find hour after hour of coverage dedicated to the agitators of the leftist, globalist agenda.  One such band of bigoted miscreants is Black Lives Matter – a thinly veiled hate group that is responsible for the radicalization of liberal “social justice warriors”.  The organization’s tentacles reach deep into the abyss of liberal society, and have influenced some of the most notorious domestic terrorism suspects in recent years.

During it’s heyday, the group’s rhetoric was responsible for the radicalization of Micah Johnson, who gunned down and killed 5 police officers in Dallas, Texas during a Black Lives Matter event.  Now, 9 months removed from those tragic events, the effect of BLM’s somehow acceptable hatred for police is making waves on the east coast.

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“The Spartanburg Police Department said a suspect is in custody and accused of vandalizing a memorial for an officer killed in the line of duty.

“Officers said 21-year-old Charles Franklin Coulson began tossing flowers and dragging a wreath across the parking lot outside Spartanburg City Hall where a the community has left mementos for fallen Master Police Officer Jason Harris.

“According to the police report, Coulson was ‘grossly intoxicated’ and smelled strongly of alcohol. He was cited for littering and public disorderly conduct. Coulson is reportedly a student at Wofford College.”

The disturbing and despicable acts committed by Coulson are merely another symptom of an America gone mad after 8 years of liberal rule.  Under Former President Barack Obama’s rein, the citizens of American were indoctrinated into a new liberal mindset in which we must capitulate to all people’s wants and needs.  Well, as long as they aren’t conservative, that is.


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