Classless Obama Speaks Out Against Trump

Barack Obama’s presidency was marked by many firsts. For example, he was the first president in history to add more to the national debt than all his predecessors combined. He was the first president since Hoover to oversee an economy in which the real GDP failed to rise above 3%.

And now he has achieved another dubious first. No president in history, including Jimmy Carter, has spoken up about his successor so soon after leaving office. It was only ten days into the new administration before Obama released a statement of support … to those protesting Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban.

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His decision to speak out is in open defiance of an unwritten rule whereby presidents avoid critiquing those who follow them into the Oval Office. Obama’s own predecessor, George W. Bush, extended this courtesy to him despite being blamed incessantly for anything and everything that went wrong once Obama assumed the mantle of power…


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