Clash of the Titans

The dust has settled somewhat, but the war between the two Americas will continue long into my dirt-nap. Roughly half of our citizens share little beyond, continental geography, with the other half. There are two contrasting visions into our nation’s future.

The left views the right as a threatening collection of knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, seeking, not just to restrain progress, but to wind the clock back on any and all social development achieved since 1900. Many have been taught to believe the right is an evil cabal of rich manipulators hell-bent on enslaving entire swaths of the population in their ever-expanding quest to destroy the earth.

The right sees an entirely different cabal, consisting of generations of entitled, unproductive, arrogant surfers who insist they reap the benefits of toil without actually engaging in it. The common perception is that the left is a fragile, whiny emotionally-stunted collection of disconnected special interest groups blazing idealized territory with little regard for unintended consequences.

While both left and right suffer elements of these two extremes within the fringes of their ranks, they are generally outnumbered by more reasoned party members.

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The bed-wetting sore losers and ‘what about ME’ crowd on the left has kick-started it’s “We’re all doomed” campaign with hysterical protests in the streets, breaking windows, setting tires afire, and kicking their feet in a disconnected tantrum. It’s easy to understand because the extreme left is largely comprised of those driven by emotion rather than logic. They always FEEL first, and rarely THINK later. If not beaten to the punch, today’s protest signs might say, “My Life Matters”.

On the extreme right, the card-carrying KKK, white supremacist, gay-bashing, misogynist, control-freak crowd are celebrating in topless bars and militia camps across the fruited plain. This wing is easy to understand because they, too are driven by emotion rather than logic. While they pale in numbers to the extreme left, these people HATE first and rarely THINK later. Immortalized by Kris Kristofferson’s ode to idealism, “Everybody needs somebody to look down on.”, the extreme right are just as destructive as their mirror images on the left.

We’ve heard precious little about the true challenge of our time.

Its not racism, or security, or inclusiveness, or global warming, or energy, or healthcare. Its not debt, or immigration, or foreign policy, or abortion, or minimum wage, or gender gaps, or glass ceilings, or any of a dozen other distractions propagated by the down-trodden. The issue of our time is ensuring our children an honest well-rounded education that stimulates them to continue learning throughout their lifetime.

The battlefield in this clash of titans, the trenches of social warfare, are the classrooms. Our colleges and universities have been dominated by the left for generations. Yale canceling classes for those “Traumatized by the election” demonstrates just how absurd our schools have become. Socialist educators recognized long ago that molding our children controls our destiny. Protecting our children from hurt feelings does them no favor.

Shielding children from hurtful words, name-calling, disappointments, scraped knees, opposing views, and the general trauma of GROWING UP is a grave injustice to them. We have created a mob of unruly cry-babies, unable to adjust to setbacks, incapable of coping with disappointment, deaf to the beat any drum but their own. They are so accustomed to getting their way, that they are completely willing to destroy free speech, which is the very fabric that protects their right to throw a tantrum.

Hillary (and most of the extreme left) promotes free college because academia created her, protected her, supported her, voted for her and is now attempting to poison the electoral college. Liberals realize that some young people aren’t getting a full 15 years of political indoctrination. They push for Pre-K and two years of free college because it gives them 3 more years to mold mushy juvenile minds. If Socialists can lengthen the time the snow flakes stew in the liberal crock-pot by 25%, imagine the chaos you can create. Roll Hitler Youth video.

Conservatives want HONEST colleges where free speech, honest debate, and the open exchange of varying opinions is encouraged… no. DEMANDED. Teach your children where we came from, how we got here, and the miracle of this great country’s birth and, in time, the ship will begin to right itself.

Support school choice, charter schools, school vouchers, and scrap common core. High school seniors are learning 7th and 8th grade curriculum and the Education Department is handing them AWARDS. I recently tutored a highs school student struggling with concepts I learned in grade school and Jr. High. Another senior I worked with a few years ago was a functional illiterate. He could barely read and could not have composed a meaningful page if his life depended upon it. Neither of these two young people are mentally deficient. They are simply poorly educated.

When our high schools actually teach what they need to teach, free college isn’t necessary. Opening up our community and state colleges to free education simply relieves the pressure on k-12 schools to stop teaching bowling, how to separate their recyclables, or the care and use of sex toys.

Return to teaching math, English, biology, chemistry, history, civics, government, and let the parents decide what social values to instill in them and when it’s appropriate.

The classroom is where the clash of titans is being waged. And the liberals are winning.

You’ll hear a lot in the coming months about how uneducated white men elected Donald Trump. The implication is clear. Republicans are stupid bigots. The edge Trump had in this election is much more likely due to the fact that more of HIS supporters escaped the institutionalized indoctrination so liberally dumped in today’s colleges and universities.

Safe zones? Trigger words? Offensive speech? A free day at the beach if you’re traumatized by the election? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! For the love of country, change your sheets and pull up your panties! Real life is just over the horizon! Oh! And substitute an engineering, government, chemistry, or physics class for your elective; An Introduction to Topless Fly Fishing.

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