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Civil War Reenactors Targeted by Pipe Bomb in Virginia

Our nation could very well be on the brink of a liberally-instigated, politically-based Civil War, and the radical left may be making use of already existing battlefields.

Much of the conflict between the radical left and the rest of the nation has been centered around the historical display of Civil War monuments that canvas our great nation.  Given that these dedications are meant to honor American soldiers, (on both sides), who fell in battle during the War of Northern Aggression, their place alongside other historical monuments has long been considered commonplace in the United States.

Recently, however, “social justice warriors” have begun to target depictions of the Civil War as inherently racist, an asinine argument based on a long-held misconception being perpetrated by the mainstream media and liberal academia.  This shift in culture has turned violent in recent months, thanks to the incessant need for these miscreant millennials to document their every political action on social media.  Now we are seeing a number of statues and monuments being defaced, toppled, or removed by anxious city governments.

Following in the footsteps of radical leftists such as James T. Hodgkinson, (and possibly Stephen Paddock), the liberal hive-mind has turned to domestic terrorism to get their point across, and their latest Civil War targets are their fellow countrymen who simply enjoy a good reenactment.

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“An FBI Source told WUSA9 an item that at first appeared to be a pipe bomb was located on the grounds of the Cedar Creek & Belle Grove National Park in Middletown, Va.

“This happened during an annual Civil War reenactment just days after the group received several threats, the Source added.

“Police were called to the park Saturday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. Virginia State Police determined that the object was safe and no one was hurt.

“On Wednesday, a letter threatened harm to the participants and spectators. Both the threat and device were investigated by the FBI and Frederick County Sheriff’s Department.

“Historians say the Battle of Cedar Creek was a Union win against the Confederacy that secured President Abraham Lincoln’s second term.

“Keith MacGregor was one of the actors in Middletown this weekend. He’s a Union Army actor from Lebanon, Pa. On the phone, MacGregor described Saturday discovery as a ‘dark chapter.’

“‘I think our hobby is being associated with issues we’re having with the confederate monuments and confederate flags and the reality is we’re historians. We’re not hate group(s),’ he said.”

You would think that, with the amount of time that these “social justice warriors” spend online, they would have learned a thing or two about the Civil War, its historical importance, and the Americans who are attempting to pass the lesson of the past onto the next generation.

Instead, the radical left has chosen to eradicate all mention of the historical facts that don’t agree with their current, modern life.  What began as simple protests and defacement has turned to violence, hatred, and domestic terrorism – all elements of their New Civil War that are eerily relatable to those of the original War Between the States.

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