Civil War Historians Fight Back Against Liberal Revision with Private Monuments

History has a funny way of being true, even when the radical left doesn’t want it to be.

Over the course of the last few months a new storm has been brewing within American cultures, particularly in the south and east, as monuments to fallen American soldiers have come under attack in the wake of the Battle of Charlottesville.

The monuments in question are from the Civil War – a conflict that the left would have you believe either never took place or took place between the U.S. and some foreign entity.  In reality, every casually of the Civil War was an American, Confederate or not.  This means, by default, that Confederate monuments are precisely the same as any other war monument that the radical left is in favor of allowing to stand.

Of course, this quite significant fact has been completely lost on the liberals of America, who have been clamoring for their removal for some time, even taking matters into their own hands in recent weeks in order to capture provocative selfies for social media.

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Now, patriots looking to celebrate America’s history are fighting back against these hysterical historical revisionists.

“While Confederate statues and monuments around the nation get removed, defaced, covered up or toppled, some new memorials are being erected, by people who insist their only purpose is to honor Civil War soldiers who died for the South.

“Supporters of these new monuments describe a determination to hold onto their understanding of history.

“‘What I want to get across is how much the South suffered, not only through the war but after the war, during the Reconstruction years,’ said David Coggins, who owns the Confederate Veterans Memorial Park in Brantley, Alabama, which dedicated a memorial to ‘Unknown Alabama Confederate Soldiers’ in September.

“In New Orleans, Baltimore, Richmond and other Southern cities, some political leaders now openly challenge the idea that these markers are about ‘heritage.’ They’ve described how many were erected in the early 1900s, when white mobs were terrorizing black communities, and states were reversing Reconstruction-era gains by former slaves and imposing discriminatory Jim Crow laws to ensure white power.

“Supporters of the new markers say they’ve got nothing to do with that part of history, and no link to the hate groups defending other Confederate monuments.

“‘It’s for all the unknown soldiers — we don’t care if they were black white or yellow or whatever,’ said Joe Clark, southeast brigade commander with the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ Alabama division.”

Spoken like a true American patriot.

The left will likely continue their ridiculous onslaught of historical censorship and revision, regardless of the facts that they are presented with.  For the time being, these private historical monuments will likely serve as one of the only avenues to discovering our American history, and will doom much of the public to repeating the mistakes of our forefathers.


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