Citizen Patriots Take to Webcams to Report Illegal Border Crossings


Forget waiting to see a baby giraffe be born, or watching an entire Ken Burns documentary for the 4th time, now you can help make America great again, right from your keyboard.

Internet message board 4Chan has become a living urban legend of the internet.  Between some of the highly organized and enormous “pranks” that they’ve pulled on society at large, to the more sinister corners of their enormous site with content we dare not discuss here, 4Chan has made a name for themselves in the annals of web history.  For better or for worse.

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Now, a dedicated group of patriots who congregate on one of the site’s more civil message boards, is taking to the internet to fight illegal immigration through the use of border webcams.

“The largely pro-Trump 4Chan internet message board has recently taken it upon themselves to help ICE agents catch and report illegals entering the United States.

“As reported by /pol/’s News Network Twitter account, they just recently discovered that live streams of the US-Mexico border are available via . The website has become so popular that it has currently exceeded its bandwith at the time of writing this.

“One 4Chan user suggested the Administration turn the live feeds into a ‘game’ for users to help spot and report Illegals crossing, potentially earning points. “

With the exorbitant amount of money being saved by the federal government under President Trump’s proposed budget, perhaps Border Patrol could set up a reward system for information leading to the capture of illegals with American criminal records?


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