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The Circus Comes to North Dakota: Creepy Clown and Snake Handler Frighten Children

Just when we thought that we had heard the last of the creepy clown epidemic sweeping the nation, a new twist on the bizarre phenomenon has emerged in The Heartland.

Over the course of the last year, a rash of strange sightings have occurred across the nation.  Children are reporting seeing adults, dressed in purposefully creepy clown costumes, lurking in wooded areas near playground and residential buildings.  While no reported interactions have occurred in these instances, the unsettling imagery has many parents fearing the worst.

At one point, these sightings were being routinely dismissed as either hoaxes perpetrated by the children, a viral marketing campaign for the reboot of Stephen King’s “It”, or mass hysteria induced by the very idea that this was occurring on a wide scale.

Now, however, months after the bulk of the sightings have stopped, it seems that our creepy clowns are back, and they’ve brought friends.

“North Dakota police say they are investigating a menacing report involving a creepy clown and a man with a snake.

“Fargo police responded to an apartment building Saturday evening in response to a report the pair were scaring several children, WDAZ-TV reported.”

Luckily, in this case, the pair of strange bedfellows were actually confronted by police and could face charges for their extremely odd behavior.

“The clown had a knife, KVLY-TV reported, citing a witness.

“The witness said the two men approached the children, asked if they ‘wanted to see a dead body’ and threatened to kill them, the station reported.”

While we are not sure that we’ve seen the last of this strange and spooky phenomenon, the people of North Dakota will be able to sleep a little better tonight knowing that the police have identified those responsible

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