I thought it might be fun to reply to your latest email from itself. 🙂

Anyway, you wrote:

I’m assuming they want anything that has a political bent … not family stuff etc? How many words should these things be?

Nah, no reason to change either your writing style or your topics. No need to be more “political.” You have written on current events, but by keeping things personal, you’re avoiding making your articles “political.” I appreciate that, and think others would as well.

As far as number of words … what you’re doing now is fine. Your posts are over 600 words, which is fine. If your point is best made in 400 words, that’s fine too. But, from a website perspective, closer to 1,000 is best.

We can take care of the headlines if you’d like.

You asked:

For curiosity sake … what is it about my writing that you think would appeal to people?

Bottom line: Your posts are encouraging and easy to read. You treat the reader with respect, you offer your perspective in a winsome way, your insights aren’t cliched, your words/sentences are engaging, the topics and issues you address are relevant. I think people will actually *read* what you write, and they’ll be provoked in a good way after reading what you’ve written.

All I’m proposing for now is a 30-day test, maybe using a pseudonym if you’d like, or your real name if you’d prefer. Once 30 days has passed, we’ll figure out where to go from there.

Thoughts? 🙂