CIA, Reeling From Leaks, Lashes Out At Breitbart As “Illegitimate”


It has been one terrible week for the Central Intelligence Agency, as a cache of leaks has shown just how invasive some of their spying techniques really are.

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Of course, if these newly discovered tactics were being used to take down terrorists, pedophiles, or corrupt politicians, the world would be cheering at the revelations.  Unfortunately, however, the methods described in the leaked documents show a much more sinister side to the CIA; one that involves using household “smart” appliances to keep tabs on ordinary Americans in their homes.

Now, as the agency is still recovering from this vicious blow, with many calling for punishment or a downright abolishment of the CIA altogether, they have gone on the offensive, attacking the free press and conservative media who first published these extremely important disclosures.

“Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA) director Michael Hayden did his best in 2016 to elect Hillary Clinton. Worse, Hayden made the inflammatory and frightening claim on CNN at the time that Donald Trump was a ‘clear and present danger’ to the country.
Given his background, those words carried weight and contributed to the climate of fear and division that burdens our democracy today, including within the intelligence agencies.

“Hayden also signed a letter last August urging Americans to vote against Donald Trump. Anything Hayden says about politics today must therefore be interpreted in that context. He is hardly a disinterested observer, and clearly resents the fact that the American people ignored his unsolicited advice.

“Now, Hayden tells the Business Insider that Breitbart News has an ‘illegitimate worldview.’ He was apparently objecting to Breitbart News’ story last week documenting mainstream media reports that the Obama administration had conducted surveillance at Trump Tower and of people connected to the Trump campaign, and that it had disseminated the products of that surveillance.”

The war between the media and the fringe elements of the intelligence community has been heating up in recent months, as a plethora of pilfered information has made its way into the American consciousness through the efforts of heroic whistleblowers, determined to return this nation to its former glory through transparency in government.  Now, as the free press takes over from the dinosaur-like mainstream media, we should expect even more stubborn backlash from these antiquated heads of bureaucracy.


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