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CIA CHIEF: Trump May Have Bold Plan for North Korean Nukes

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Although the latest news out of the DPRK seems to indicate some much needed encouragement in the ongoing struggles with North Korea, Donald Trump may not be ready to take any chances.

The hermit kingdom has long hated the United States, with all three Kim Dynasty dictators doing their damnedest to threaten and frustrate their counterparts within the White House over the course of the last 60-some years.  The latest tyrannical twerp to take the throne in Pyongyang is Kim Jong Un, a man who has taken particular umbrage with U.S. President Donald Trump over the course of the last year.

The two have exchanged numerous threatening gestures, with Trump’s ire mostly emanating from his Twitter account, and Kim’s being delivered both by his state-run media and, more strikingly, by sending intercontinental ballistic missiles flying all willy-nilly into the Pacific Ocean.

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After months of banter, sanctions, and threats of “annihilation”, North Korea once again began their predictable routine of backing down in order to have some of the UN’s more dire sanctions lifted.  The rogue regime has even promised to compete in the upcoming Olympics in South Korea, noting that they will march into the games as a unified Korea.

Despite all this, and given the possibility of a ruse by the dainty despot, Donald Trump may preemptively strike North Korea still – at least according to the head of the CIA.

“The Central Intelligence Agency is briefing President Donald Trump on the risks and opportunities of a limited attack on North Korea, its director suggested on Tuesday.

“CIA Director Mike Pompeo would not discuss the ‘wisdom of a preemptive strike’ on Pyongyang or its nuclear weapons program, he told an audience at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. But in rare public remarks, Pompeo portrayed North Korea as an urgent priority for the agency, and disclosed aspects of its role in setting back Kim Jong Un’s nuclear program during his first year at Langley.

“Kim is a rational man, Pompeo said the CIA had assessed. But it’s less clear that Kim takes seriously the prospect of a U.S. attack, something that could blunder the world into a devastating nuclear conflict.

“Pompeo would not answer if options exist for Trump to attack North Korea short of a nuclear war. Analysts warn a limited strike would lead to such a war should North Korea retaliate and prompt escalation. He indicated instead the administration was developing a range of options spanning from diplomacy to war, so Trump will not face a binary choice between inaction and potential nuclear devastation.”

Conventional means of dealing with the Kim regime have failed several times over, but military action on the Korean Peninsula is a terrifying possibility, fraught with an entirely foreign set of consequences.

Given that the Kim regime has always had artillery trained on Seoul, South Korea, the most likely outcome of any American strike within North Korea would be the utter devastation of the South Korean capital.  Furthermore, Kim Jong Un’s reluctance to shutter the concentration camps of his predecessors likely means that he has the capacity and the complacency to inflict horrific and otherworldly damage on his fellow man through the use of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons…something that the maniacal leader could use as retaliation in desperation.

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