Did Donald Trump just “Flip-Flop” on Immigration?

Remember when Donald Trump said he could shoot people on fifth avenue, and his voters would still support him? It’s happening. Well, not exactly–he’s not killing people, but he is retreating from his flagship position, the one that catapulted him to the front of the presidential pack in 2015.

Observing the cult of Donald Trump has been equal parts delightful and maddening. I remember back in 2008 when it didn’t matter what Barack Obama did in the past, or what he was doing in the present. All that mattered was hope, change, and other shameless platitudes. Republicans laughed, and ridiculed the mindless drones.

Eight years later, the Republicans have a cult leader of their own, and a new branch of the party has been named. The Alt-Right. They will follow him to the ends of the earth. Trump can say and do anything, and his acolytes don’t care because they don’t follow him for his policy positions, they follow him because he’s their man-god.

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Now, the week Ann Coulter (someone for whom I used to have tremendous respect) released her new book, In Trump We Trust, the GOP nominee “softened” on immigration.

He also told Sean Hannity (Arch Bishop in the Church of Trump) that there “could certainly be a softening.”

This is eerily similar to what he told Fox News in 2012…and CNN in July 2015…and what his son told Megyn Kelly in November.

Aside from Coulter, who’s sort of attacking Trump for his “softening,” the rest of the nominee’s clan are rushing to shield their king.

This last tweet got me wondering. What will CofT (Church of Trump) members do if and when their savior retreats from the wall? I can see it now.

The following is an entirely fictional conversation (just in case anyone reading this is super litigious):

HANNITY: “Do we really need a wall when we have fences and border patrol? Is there any room in your mind for a change in that regard?”

TRUMP: “Certainly. Our border patrol people are doing a tremendous job right now, and we really don’t need a physical wall. That’s all part of deal-making. You’ve gotta start big and work from there. Listen, Sean, I’ve had people come up to me–big supporters–and they’ll tell me, you know, all that wall stuff, we know it’s a bargaining chip, and we support you anyway.”

I can almost see the tweets now:



Oh–there they are! Yeah. Can’t wait for that.

At this point, we have two candidates who are simply heinous human beings. Hillary Clinton is a serial liar who puts her own desires above America’s national security, and Donald Trump is a know-nothing narcissist con-man.

The most unfortunate part about the whole thing is that both Clinton and Trump have supporters who will follow them into hell. Trump’s most recent defenders show just that. There have been several other leaders in the past who had substantial numbers of blindly devoted followers. We know how those situations turned out.

We’re witnessing what happens when two “gods” run for president.

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