Where is the Church in this Presidential Election?

The Church is M.I.A. (Missing In Action)? Not a peep out of most pulpits.

A half-hearted squeamish kind of response from some. While others offer a super spiritual supercalifragilisticexpialidocious response that leaves most of us emotionally pumped up, but Biblically ignorant on what Christians are actually called to do in the culture they live in. As a result, most Christians have mentally checked-out of this election.

As a collective unit, the church (i.e., organized religion) is becoming irrelevant in this nation. It has been more of a slow and unwitting self-imposed irrelevancy versus one imposed by government sanctions. Nonetheless, the church has become incapable, almost too weak, in transforming minds to be effective for Christ. But, here’s a newsflash: Democrats are NOT playing around. While we try to find super spiritual phrases to excuse our absence from the culture, the Leftist, Progressive, Democratic agenda is moving full speed ahead in fundamentally changing America, forever. Super spiritual phrases like, “God is in control,” “God’s Will be done” are all code words for “I don’t want to get involved,” or/and “I’m too afraid to directly engage the culture,” or/and “I really don’t care.”

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing Biblical about sitting this Presidential election out. Nothing! In fact, it is highly unbiblical. Here’s a challenge: Find even one occasion where God told His people to “sit this one out, I got this.” Find just one time when God said, “You just go sit in your “prayer closet” and I’ll do it all for you.” Never will you find even one example and the Word of God is replete with numerous, very vivid, examples of battles fought, won, and lost. There’s a reason you won’t find even one Biblical reference for a Christian to sit on their hands while their culture goes to hell in a hand basket. It’s because that’s not how God set this whole thing up.

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You, nor this writer, know what the exact Will of God is. As such, we are mandated to work until His return. God created government. Government is not an ugly four-letter word. Who, if not Christians, should influence the government? America, by the Grace of God, has the ability to cast a shadow of life or death over nations. This is a fact. Nations move based on a single word from the U.S. America can be a curse or a blessing on the world. So, once more, WHO, if not Christians, should have the greatest influence on the character of this country? God does not need us to do anything. But, it is how He decided to set it all up. He does not need us. Yes, He has already decided who the next President of the United States will be. Yes, His Will must be done. Yes, He is Sovereign over all things. But, but, but….we have too many vivid examples of God doing NOTHING without a requirement from us. God requires something from us. That requirement is much more than praying in your prayer closet. It is much more than attending church services, volunteering for the backpack ministry, or the praise-dance ministry.  Here it is: God requires our faith-filled participation in turning things around in our favor. Faith is getting dressed for battle, putting on your army gear, and going down to the enemy’s camp! God will even give you GPS-like directions to the enemy’s camp…ask King Jehoshaphat. Faith is NOT saying super spiritual things that masks either our Biblical ignorance or our cowardice to learn the enemy and to engage.

Now, it is understood, Donald Trump leaves a bad taste in many people’s mouth. Point well taken. However, think of it from another perspective. Aren’t you much more offended by what the Clintons have done for over 30 years, then by what Trump has said? Trump or Hillary, one WILL win. We know without a shadow of a doubt the whirlwind we will inherit IF Hillary wins this election. It is this writer’s belief that we, as a Church, do not fully understand the times we are living in. During the last Presidential debate, Hillary stood before the world and proudly declared unborn children, at any stage of gestation, have no Constitutional right to life. How can we understand the times we are living in and not do everything within our powers to make sure a known evil, like Hillary Clinton, never get into office? Hillary is a known and blatant evil. Like Obama, Hillary will go from nation to nation forcing her reckless political agenda and tying nations’ obedience to her evil mandate to U.S. financial aid and business opportunities.

God’s Will be done! Yes! However, we have numerous examples of God giving His people a reprieve from His judgment. It is this writer’s belief that Donald Trump is that reprieve. No, Trump is not perfect. But, neither are you. Jesus is not on the ballot and He’s the only perfect person. Do not be deceived, EVERY election has been a choice between the lesser of two evils. We have every right to ask God for a reprieve. We have every right to lay our petitions before the Lord, that IF it be His will that He remove this cup of judgement from us. But, if not, His will be done. Jesus, Himself, made this request of the Father at the Garden of Gethsemane. So, we know we can as well.

None of this is rocket science. Are Christians simply supposed to pray and then sit and look at what is happening in our nation? Once a person wakes up, do they not, eventually, get up?

Once we wake up, then what? The Bible teaches we must get up and engage.

To those who understand fully what is written here, here’s a challenge for you: Speak Truth. A Christian’s ultimate job is to speak Truth. Whether the hearer of that Truth receives it or not is NOT your business. That’s God’s business. One man sows, another man waters, but it’s God Who gets the increase. It’s God’s job to prepare hearts to receive Truth. A Christian’s job is to do the very best job they can in presenting that Truth in accuracy and in kindness.

There is a moral rot that is taking over our nation. No longer is it contained in the shadows. It is now on full display before God and man. Foolish and depraved things are becoming common place. Where is the church? While the church is off at another conference or concert, singing, dancing, laughing and clapping the WORLD IS DYING! We must wake up from our slumber. The night is nearly over. The Day is almost here. Christ is coming.

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