Chuck Schumer’s Hypocrisy on Full Display

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Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is a crass, lying hypocrite who cares more for his party (and power) than he does for his nation. How do we know? Because he tells us so.

The Daily Caller recently put together a short video that proves, in dramatic detail, just how hypocritical Schumer really is. The video cuts back and forth between 2013 and 2017 and it shows the very same man saying two completely opposite things about one topic. What’s the difference? In 2013 Democrats were the majority in the Senate, in 2017 they were the minority… that’s the only difference.

Watch and be amazed that one man could be such a nakedly political and selfish creature.

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Also, this isn’t the first time the old hypocrite has shown his true colors. Check out this video of Chuck Schumer on America’s responsibility to Muslim refugees. In one moment he’s arguing that we need a temporary travel ban and at the next he’s crying about the fact that we have a temporary travel ban. I kid you not.


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