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Chuck Schumer Reveals Senility By Bashing Healthcare Under Trump

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There seems to be some confusion over on the left in recent weeks, specifically when it comes to recalling things such as who got us into this healthcare mess in the first place.

Of course, we shouldn’t really be surprised, should we?  Given the incredible power of the mainstream media, why would the left ever consider the possibility of using the truth in their arguments.  As long as all of their stories match, they’ll just run the plot line up to Blitzer and Cooper – the two most liberal reindeer of them all.  Then, from their, the parroting will begin as figurative tons of liberal manure will be spouted all around the media.  From to ESPN, we’ll catch a liberal lesson with no basis whatsoever in reality.

Now, democratic Senator Chuck Schumer is attempting to convince his constituents that Donald Trump is to blame for the healthcare crisis in America today.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer viciously accused the Republican Party of intentionally destroying the United States’ healthcare system this week; saying the GOP was creating “premium increases” across the country.

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Schumer slammed his Republican colleagues on social media Thursday, saying most Americans were seeing soaring prices after “months and months of republican sabotage.”

“After months and months of Republicans’ sabotage of our health care system, Georgia insurers say that sabotage has directly resulted in premium increases, adding if the Trump administration implements their #junkplans rule, they may have to raise them even more,” tweeted Schumer.

The only sabotage I see are the liberal hordes who “resist” without definition.  Like Alec Baldwin’s courageous 24 hour “hunger” strike, or Kathy Griffin’s “free speech”.  These actions only show the world how exactly hate begets hate, and proves again and again that the left is relying on enforced tribalism in order to keep their constituents divided, angry, and dependent.

We must never forget that it was Barack Obama who played loose and fast with capitalism in order to install his crown jewel of all catastrophes; Obamacare.  Now that Americans are facing the despair of constantly rising healthcare costs, Chuck Schumer wants to ignore all that?  Sorry, Chaz, that’s not how this works.

Y’all broke it, y’all bought it.

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