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Chuck “Pass The Buck” Schumer Blames POTUS For NYC Subway Nightmare

The deplorable and unacceptable condition of the New York City subway system is apparently Donald Trump’s problem to fix…at least according to Chuck Schumer.

Schumer, the ultraliberal democratic Senator from New York is unabashedly unhappy with President Donald Trump, and likely considers himself a key element to the left’s ridiculous “resistance” movement.  In that role, Schumer has been opposed to the President’s every move, regardless of the position or the benefits.  It is simply a show of bipartisan bickering and stagnation – something Schumer has excelled at in the past.

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Now, as New York residents are beside themselves with anger over the complete and utter failures of the NYC transit system, Schumer has turned to Twitter.  Not for help in solving his city’s problems, mind you.  No, Senator Schumer is imploring his constituents to annoy the President with their complaints instead of him.

“The New York City subway system is in chaos. Trains are not running on time and commuters are being left stranded. The anger of this has people in the city beating the hell out of each other. According to the Senate Minority Leader, this is all because of Trump somehow:

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“’Train delayed? Tweet [President Trump] to support rail infrastructure programs like #Gateway so we have tunnels & rail systems that work for you,’ tweeted Schumer.

“Well, first off, Trump actually has a trillion dollar infrastructure plan that democrats hate because it doesn’t provide federal funding for abortions. After the President unveiled this plan to build bridges and tunnels and put Americans to work, Schumer [defecated] all over it saying ‘President Trump’s campaign promises on infrastructure are crumbling faster than our roads and bridges.’

“This is one of those things that if Trump proposes it, democrats automatically hate it. This should be a bi-partisan deal because it benefits the entire county. There should be support from both sides, but liberals are trying to show how much they support the anti-Trump resistance forces instead.”

New York City has been reeling after decades of liberal rule, and this latest infrastructure failure is just the latest in a long line of Big Apple boo-boos.

Schumer’s weak attempt to draw the President into a Twitter flame war is indicative of just how low the democrats are willing to stoop in order to “resist” the leader of the free world.  While Donald Trump navigates a minefield of Washington elitist boobytraps, irrelevant career politicians such as Schumer lobbing grenades from the safety of his office wifi create zero opportunities for anyone to make America great again.  Perhaps the Senator’s time and resources could be focused on fixing the problem and not spreading his own blame around.

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