Trump Effect

Christmas + Trump Effect = YUGEST Holiday Ever, Says MasterCard

Something incredible is happening to this great nation of ours in 2017, and we have our CEO-in-Chief to thank for it.

Donald Trump is certainly an unconventional and unprecedented style of President.  Not only does he hail from well outside the political ruling class that has exploited the American people for decades, but his unmatched business savvy has made him one of the most economically sound Presidents in history.

Even the liberal left are singing his praises unknowingly in their shallow criticisms of President Trump, by pointing to what they believe is his overactive ego.  Trump refuses to yield and refuses to fail, something that progressives have attempted to portray as pompous, yet it is this quality that keeps Trump’s eyes on the prize.  He will not fail, no matter how often he is told that he will, and the left is simply mistaking his tenacity for foolhardy enthusiasm.

Of course, having a man with such a sound business background sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office has led to a surge in sound fiscal practices throughout the nation.  American consumer confidence is approaching record highs near-weekly, and U.S. citizens are watching their economic security bloom.

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As for the Christmas holiday, the consumer report card for the year, credit company MasterCard has YUGE news.

“Shares of U.S. department stores jumped on Tuesday as Mastercard Inc said shoppers spent over $800 billion during the season, more than ever before, boosted by growing consumer confidence, rising employment and early discounts.

“Sarah Quinlan, head of market insights for Mastercard Advisors, disclosed the figure after the payments processor’s analytics arm published its SpendingPulse retail report.

“The report said holiday sales in stores and online between Nov 1 and Dec 24 rose 4.9 percent, the fastest year-on-year pace of increase since 2011. Mastercard, which tracks spending by combining sales activity in its payments network with estimates of cash and other payment forms, excluded automobile sales from its figures.

“Most U.S. retail stocks have tumbled this year as they continued to lose sales to online stores, mainly Inc. Traditional players have also been hurt by heavy investments in technology and discounting, made to keep up with online and off-price competition.

“Shares in J.C. Penney Co Inc rose 7.6 percent on Tuesday, while Kohl’s Corp shares were up 5.8 percent, Macy’s Inc rose 5.1 percent and Nordstrom Inc increased 2.8 percent.”

This incredible boon comes to us at a time when the world at large seems tumultuous and somewhat doomed, further exemplifying just how significant The Trump Effect has been to our great nation.

Now, with some of the silliness of the liberal left behind us after nearly a year of President Trump, 2018 could be a breakthrough year for the American economy as the Commander in Chief finds himself far less hampered by political chicanery than ever before.

In other words, tell your wallet to buckle up.  It’s going to be a wild ride.

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