It’s Christmas, So It Must Be Time for More Muslim Terror Attacks

As the western world prepares for Christmas Day, a celebration of love, a time for family, and the hope of world peace, Muslims are gathering to celebrate the sort of carnage and death they happily promulgate during every other day of the year. Christmas 2016 is no different as terror attacks blanket the world like a freshly fallen blanket of snow.

The west has been slapped with multiple acts of terror in the week before Christmas and there is no expectation that they will slow down any time soon.

On the day Donald J. Trump was informed that the Electoral Collage count gave him the White House, the world was stunned when a Turkish police man turned terrorist decided to assassinate Russia’s envoy to Turkey live on Turkish television.

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Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was gunned down at a gallery exhibition on December 19 before the eyes of millions across the world as his murder was caught in clear, live images on TV. Karlov was murdered in Ankara, Turkey, by one Mevlut Mert Altintas, a Turkish police officer and now Islamist terrorist.

As he shot the unsuspecting ambassador from behind, Altintas shouted “Allahu akbar! Do not forget Aleppo!” Altintas also screamed out his allegiance to ISIS after he murdered the ambassador. An image taken only moments before Altintas drew his gun and struck Karlov down shows a pensive Altintas lurking in the background as the ambassador spoke to the crowd.

Altintas was himself shot by other security forces after his cowardly act of terrorism.

And good riddance to him. Sad it took so long to end him.

But that wasn’t the only terror attack to happen from December 18 to the 20th as the next day a Muslim immigrant murdered a Polish truck driver, stole his large delivery truck and plowed it into a popular Berlin Christmas market killing a dozen and injuring up to 50 more.

The terrorist who perpetrated the act is still on the loose but ISIS has insisted that the driver was a “soldier of the Islamic State.”

And one couldn’t make this up, but Merkel was actually at an event honoring immigrants when the terror attack hit her capital city! You couldn’t get a better example of her feckless leadership!

Already German politicians are blaming German Chancellor Angela Merkel for throwing the borders of her country wide open to untrammeled Muslim immigration.

German AfD leader Frauke Petrzell slammed Merkel after the attack saying Germany is no longer safe and lamenting that “radical Islamic terrorism has struck in the heart of Germany.”

[Translation: “When strikes back the German rule of law? When will this cursed hypocrisy end? It is Merkel’s dead!”]

Merkel’s poll numbers have plummeted in recent weeks due to the terror problems facing Germany thanks to her immigration policy and this incident will likely cause another free fall for trust in her regime. But even though it is obvious this is an act of terror likely by a Muslim immigrant, Merkel went on TV to double down on her desire to allow immigrants to continue coming into her nation.

Merkel even fecklessly said, “It is a terrible deed which one cannot understand.” An absurd claim since we know exactly why it occurred. It happened because of Islam. There isn’t a thing hard to understand here.

Indeed, Merkel is so useless for her people that she allowed a senior Taliban leader and his family to fly into Germany and file for asylum even though he is the one people need asylum from. That’s right, she took in a major terror figure and gave him asylum!

Not every western leader is so clueless, though. After the Berlin attack a former CIA director came out to warn the west that if we continue playing defense we cannot beat terrorism.

“It’s as if we’re in [a] big, really important hockey game and we deploy our entire team as goalies,” James Woolsey said on Fox News, just after the terror attack in Berlin. “We’re going to lose,” he added.

“We can try to catch people after the fact, we can try to by vetting, screen people out. But if we keep going the way we’re going, we’re going to have continual terrorist attacks of major proportions,” said Woolsey, who is President-elect Trump’s senior adviser on national security.

“It’s very hard to find out which guy driving a truck is going to be a terrorist,” he added. “Trucks are all over the place. It’s not as if he has got some secret weapon that we can spot …”

Fortunately, another note of sanity was also offered by President-Elect Donald Trump who seems to clearly understand what is going on, here.

On the day of the attack Trump tweet out a message saying, “Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany – and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking!”

Amidst all this, an attack also occurred on December 18 in Aman, Jordan, resulting in ten killed and another 34 injured in an attack Jordanian officials called “cowardly.”

And the very next day, just before the attack in Germany, a Ghanaian immigrant in Switzerland opened fire at a Mosque in Zurich, injuring several. The gunman was also killed.

But don’t worry. Liberals have a new message for you. Muslims moving in next door to you will make you the “happiest” person in the world.

No really.

That is what ultra leftist Van Jones told an audience on CNN this week.

During a panel discussion Jones insisted, “If a Muslim family moved in next door to you, you would be the happiest family in the world…. they are the model American(s).” And he was serious, too.

But since Obama has spent no time at all determining if any of these Muslim immigrants are terrorists, maybe you wouldn’t be so deliriously happy, after all.

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