This Christian Singer Just Announced That He is a Homosexual

The New York Times this week highlighted a report that Christian singer Trey Pearson of the group Everyday Sunday had decided to “come out” as a homosexual. After many years of hiding his sexual preference (even from his wife and children) Pearson sought to get his sin of homosexuality and  adultery validated.

We have seen this movie before, so to speak. We’ve seen this with the lead singer of  the Christian group Jars of Clay making the case for gay marriage.  We’ve seen reports of Christian singer Ray Boltz wanting to get his sin of homosexuality validated as well. The media makes the extra effort to highlight these kinds of stories. Here’s what the New York Times highlighted regarding Trey Pearson.

Mr. Pearson said in an interview that he was raised in a “super-Christian” home where he was taught that “you can choose to be straight.” He spent years trying to make that happen, even marrying a woman and fathering two children. “I had never done anything with a girl when I got married, and I thought it would just magically work,” he said. Finally he concluded that he could not make himself straight, he said, and that God would love him as he was.

“I got to this place where it clicked pretty hard with me that I was not able to be what Lauren, my wife, needed me to be as her husband,” he said. “I was faced with a decision at that point: if I was going to try to keep burying it down and blaming it on other things, or if I was going to admit to myself and her that I was gay.”

These so-called Christian singers take their sin to the media to get it validated. They want the Christian community to embrace and recognize their sin of homosexuality.

Unfortunately, the Christian community opens itself to have these types of scenarios play out like the one with Christian singer Trey Pearson. Many pastors don’t want to preach about the sins of homosexuality and gay marriage from the pulpit. The left has been successful at taking the most pressing moral issues of the day and politicizing them. Many evangelical pastors and leaders will limit God’s power and influence by not engaging in politics. The left knows this and they take moral issues like abortion and homosexuality and politicize it. When these issues become politicized, Christian pastors and leaders stop preaching about it because they view these as “political hot-potatoes”. My sister went to a famous “seeker friendly” church in the greater Atlanta area where the pastor of the church has made statements that Christian bakers should bake the cake for gay couples.  This pastor won’t spend time in his pulpit preaching against the sin of homosexuality and thinks if he does it will turn off “seekers” to the gospel. Just about 90% of my sister’s small group from this church believes in gay marriage.  How’s that seeker friendly softer tone working out for you, church?

The growing pagan secular American culture interprets the Church’s softer, nicer than God tone as weakness and is never confronted with the Holiness of God.  If the body of Christ rose up, fake Christian singers like Ray Boltz, Trey Pearson and Dan Haseltine the lead singer of Jars of Clay would be fearful to have their sin validated because of the blowback they would receive from the Christian community.

We no longer have a church who is fearless in the face of a sinful culture. We have a church that has adopted political correctness and weakness. Repentance is no longer preached — just a loving peaceful God who’s not offended by sin.

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