“Christian” Rock Star Accuses Pastors of False Teaching on Homosexuality

It comes as no surprise that there are people within the Church that struggle with sin. It then should be no surprise that there are those who struggle with the sin of homosexual desires. Men and women that have feelings and desires that they are told are misplaced and sinful.

These people fight every day with the desire to do that which the Scripture teaches is sin and an abomination. So, when some of these people publicly declare that they have this struggle, we should not be shocked. We should not even be shocked if that person is in the public eye.

Christian News reports

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During an appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Friday, Everyday Sunday’s Trey Pearson, who released a letter last week to fans in which he came out as a homosexual, outlined that he has left his wife after deciding to no fight against having feelings for men.

Pearson has tried hard to present himself as a responsible person, who is trying to fulfill his obligation to his wife and kids. He meets with them and eats dinner with them. And he is doing this because he wishes to present his sexual desires as legitimate. Trey even goes as far as blaming the Church and more specifically pastors for the situation he and others are in today.

Christian New continues

The musician, who is scheduled to perform at a homosexual pride event next week, said that he finds it “damaging” when ministers call homosexuality a choice.

“There are still people that are teaching these hurtful things and they are the ones that get scared when millions of people connect with it,” he stated. “And they want to say that you’re the false teacher, but they never start to think that it’s their false teaching that causes things like this to happen in the first place.”

The problem is that even if we concede that Trey and the rest of the sodomite community were born with these sexual desires; this does not make the act of sodomy acceptable. We can look at several places that point out God’s feelings toward sodomy.

Trey’s argument is one that is used over and over but is a logical fallacy. The assumption is that the way things are is the way things ought to be. This is the “Is-Ought” fallacy. But we can point to several things that prove this to be a false reasoning.

Those born with homicidal desires are the most glaring. People claiming that they never remember a time that they did not desire to kill. We would never say that these desires are legitimate and should be fostered or celebrated.

I hope that Trey will see the error in his thinking and repent.

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