Christian faith undermined at the Republican National Convention

The mask is finally off the  GOP establishment when it comes to Christianity.

The evangelical base usually goes along with the National Republican party because they believe that their values are represented.  The Establishment has always despised people of faith.  We’ve seen several really bad things at the RNC convention that tells us the Establishment is brazen and open about their pure hatred for conservative Evangelicals. In the name of political correctness, pandering and just pure stupidity A Muslim gives praise to Allah with a closing prayer. 

Sajid Tarar, gave a prayer to a generic god, then invoked the name of Muhammed over the proceedings, while scores of deluded convention attendees bowed their heads, some with lifted hands, and later cheered.

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This happened right on the heals of The RNC rejecting a billboard of  the movie, “God’s Not Dead 2” while at the same time promoting a billboard that supported atheists.   The Republican  National Convention has finally taken off the mask and shows to us all, that  they want nothing to do with the Christian  base of the party.  They cave to political  correctness.

How many times did Republicans blast the Democrat party for trying to take God out of the Democratic National Platform in 2012?

Republicans are now doing the exact same thing.

The Democrats have invoked God for years when they think they can get more votes or want God to bless their sense of social morality.  Conservative Republicans have always seen through that masquerade and have correctly identified democrats as using God to spiritually pander when in reality they want nothing to do with Christianity. We are living in dangerous times.  We have rank and file Republican members who despise and shun God.

It truly is becoming a pagan one party system.

Don’t expect God to bless the Republican party or this great nation if we are ashamed of  Jesus and the Godly small government principles that Christianity is supposed to represent.

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