Chris Cuomo Goes Fully Fascist in His Latest Defense of Antifa

We are living in dangerous times for America, and there is a understandably intense focus on the rhetoric of the mainstream media because of it.

Television media, unlike the free press of the internet, is inherently corrupt thanks to their archaic and outdated advertising structure.  It’s just an unfortunate truth of the digital age.  Where you may see an ad on this website between the paragraphs, more often than not, that advertisement suits you, and only you, because your browser is sending data to the ad provider, telling them what you’re interested in.

Also, these ads are passive, unlike TV commercials, which you have to be led into, and forced to see, on account of them being the only way a television network like CNN makes money.  This focus on fracas corrupts the lens through which we view the world, divides us, and gives the left more ammunition for 2020.

So when Chris Cuomo attempts to the defend the indefensible, it is up to us to expose him.

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo suggested on Monday night that violence carried out by Antifa is not as bad as violence committed by racists because Antifa’s cause is moral and just — even after they attacked police and reporters over the weekend at the “Unite the Right” rally in Washington, D.C.

The segment came after a couple of dozen racists came out in support of the “Unite the Right” rally and were met by a large gathering of Antifa thugs who ended up attacking reporters and police officers.

Cuomo downplayed Antifa’s violence by saying they only “confronted” police and “berated” journalists.

“All punches are not equal morally,” Cuomo said. “In the eyes of the law, yes.”

“When someone comes to call out bigots and it gets hot, even physical, are they equally wrong as the bigot they are fighting?” Cuomo asked. “I argue no. Fighting against hate matters … drawing a moral equivalency between those espousing hate and those fighting it because they both resort to violence emboldens hate, legitimizes hateful belief, and elevates what should be stamped out.”

This sounds like a word vomit jumble of “bad people on both sides” to me.

Also, for the record, this is more than a bit authoritarian, and bordering on fascist.  If the media is taking sides so openly, how do the American people relearn to trust them?


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