Chris Christie: “If You’re not Voting for Trump, You’re Voting for Hillary”!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) admitted on Tuesday that he is disappointed at not being selected as Donald Trump’s running mate, but also that he’s over it. Christie then went on to criticize the other GOP presidential contenders for refusing to support Trump’s campaign saying that they were breaking their word to the American people.

Chris Christie on not being selected as Vice President:

“I wanted to win, of course you do. But it’s not like my lifetime dream is to be vice president of the United States. So I’m disappointed, no doubt I was disappointed, but I’m over it.”

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Chris Christie on other GOP candidates refusing to support Trump:

“Here’s my concern and focus is on folks like Jeb [Bush] and others, who signed a pledge. If you sign that pledge and you’re not supporting Donald Trump, you broke your word to our party, you broke your word to the American people.”

Chris Christie on Republicans not supporting Trump for President:

“It’s a binary choice, buddy. So if you’re a Republican and you’re not voting for Trump, you’re voting for Hillary.”


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