Is China Protecting North Korea Via Threat to the U.S.?


There has been an unusual flurry of activity between China and the U.S. in recent months, coinciding with an uptick in aggression from North Korea.

The Chinese tension arose shortly after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and took a congratulatory phone call from Taiwanese leadership.  This, of course, irked the leadership in Beijing to no end as recognizing Taiwan separately from China undermines the communist nation’s status the bully of Asia.  Now, as North Korea’s lunatic tyrant Kim Jong Un continues to lure the United States into action, China has begun threatening the U.S. forces who are monitoring Pyongyang.

“The Communist Chinese government warned an American bomber flying near South Korea, in response to provocative actions and nuclear threats by North Korea, to leave after flying in disputed airspace claimed by China.

“Chinese air traffic controllers suggested the pilots of the Air Force B1-B Lancer bomber were operating in their airspace and warned them to leave, according to defense officials.

“The Guam-based bomber was approximately 70 miles off the South Korean island of Jeju conducting drills with the Japanese and South Korean militaries in response to repeated missile tests and nuclear threats by North Korea.

“’The pilots responded by saying that they were conducting routine operations in international airspace and did not deviate from their flight path,’ according to Major Phil Ventura, spokesman for US Pacific Air Forces.”

An allegiance between these two nations would be an incendiary revelation at best, and a precursor to war at worst.  North Korea’s wild and unhinged behavior should be a simple fix, given the rogue nation’s deceptively weak military and unorganized government, but with a massive superpower such as China backing their play, there is no telling just how perilous the situation could become.


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