North Korea

China Finally Steps Up To Threaten North Korea After Trump Scolding

Kim Jong Un’s incessant provocations of the international community have received harsh rebukes from a number of global superpowers.

Of course, the United States has been first and foremost in this latest effort to curb the rogue regime’s nuclear ambitions due in no small part to North Korea’s constant threats against America.  With the nation’s latest missile tests posing a renewed threat to cities such as Denver or Chicago, time is of the essence when it comes to disarming Kim Jong Un and his cronies.

One integral part of this disarmament is the cooperation of China, who remains an ally to North Korea as their only true trade partner.  Even with strained relations between Washington and Beijing, President Trump felt it imperative to reach out to Chinese President Xi Jinping in order to apply pressure to the maniacal North Korean regime.  China agreed to impose sanctions on the dictatorial nation, but these fell short of the goal of bringing Kim to heel.

And this drew the admonishment of the Trump Presidency.

President Trump was again forced to pressure China, this time through tough talk aimed to prodding the Asian superpower into more direct action against Kim and the DPRK.  After several weeks of waiting, it seems that Trump’s scolding may have paid off.

“A global pressure campaign on North Korea propelled by sharp new U.N. sanctions received a welcome boost Sunday from China, the North’s economic lifeline, as Beijing called on the pariah nation to halt its missile and nuclear tests.

“The Trump administration cautiously embraced China’s apparent newfound cooperation, while putting it on notice that the U.S. would be watching closely to ensure it didn’t ease up on Pyongyang if and when the world’s attention is diverted elsewhere. But there were no signs the U.S. would acquiesce to China’s call for a quick return to negotiations.

“The diplomatic wrangling sought to build on sweeping new North Korea sanctions passed by the U.N. Security Council a day earlier – the strongest in a generation, the U.S. said. As diplomats gathered in the Philippines for an annual regional meeting, President Donald Trump was cheering the move from afar. He touted the ‘very big financial impact’ of the sanctions and noted optimistically that both China and Russia had joined in the unanimous vote.”

Meanwhile, the North Korean leader has continued his threats against the U.S., ramping up his rhetoric each and every time he speaks.

Where he once seemed hellbent on attacking Los Angeles or San Diego with a thermonuclear weapon, Kim has increased the scope of his dastardly plans.  Perhaps spurred on by the success of two unprecedented ICBM test in the month of June, the diminutive despot is now claiming that North Korea will annihilate the entire American nation – a completely nonsensical threat that would be laughable were it not for Kim Jong Un’s unhinged lunacy.


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