China Chastises U.S. For North Korea Statements

The time for talk is over as it pertains to North Korea, but that hasn’t stopped China from lambasting the U.S. for their diplomatic assertions.

The Trump administration has been between a rock and a hard place on the issue of Kim Jong Un and the DPRK’s nuclear ambitions.  Repeated tests of ICBM’s capable of reaching as far as Chicago have created an atmosphere of concern within the President’s inner circle.  The Commander in Chief had previously called on North Korean ally China to help reel in the maniacal regime, but to no avail.

Just weeks ago, President Trump was forced to admit that China’s diplomatic attempts to curb Kim Jong Un’s militaristic endeavors had failed, and he thanked Beijing’s leadership for their effort.  Now, as it becomes eerily apparent that the United States will likely be alone in their efforts to disarm North Korea and her nuclear arsenal, the President has once again been forced to reiterate the failed Chinese plan…a fact that has irked the Asian superpower to no end.

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This week, China responded.

“China’s Foreign Ministry, in a statement sent to Reuters responding to Trump’s earlier tweets, said the North Korean nuclear issue did not arise because of China and that everyone needed to work together to seek a resolution.

“Russia said on Monday the United States and other countries were trying ‘to shift responsibility for the situation to Russia and China’ following the most recent missile test.

“‘We view as groundless attempts undertaken by the U.S. and a number of other countries to shift responsibility to Russia and China, almost blaming Moscow and Beijing for indulging the missile and nuclear ambitions of the DPRK (North Korea),’ the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“‘Pyongyang is determined to develop its nuclear and missile programme and does not care about military threats from the U.S. and South Korea,’ state-run Chinese tabloid the Global Times said on Monday.

“‘How could Chinese sanctions change the situation?’ said the paper, which is published by the ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily.

“‘However, to realise these goals, Beijing needs a more cooperative partner in the White House, not one who piles blame on China for the United States’ failures,’ it added.”

This latest diplomatic row between China and the United States comes as a most precarious time.

North Korea’s latest missile test has much of the world on edge.  The rogue nation has seemingly evolved from barely being able to get a projectile off of the ground, to being capable of obliterating the capital of Illinois in a matter of weeks.  With many predicting a new nuclear test to be conducted by North Korea in the coming days, fear that the diminutive dictator could launch a surprise attack on the U.S. or her allies has become all too real.

With or without China’s help, the U.S. will soon be forced to act against North Korea.

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