North Korea

China Abandons North Korea in Case of American Conflict

Kim Jong Un is quickly isolating himself on the world’s stage this week, as his violent vitriol has caused China to preemptively abandon him.

For North Korea, China is a legitimate lifeline.  The Asian superpower is one of the rogue nation’s only allies, and up until recently, one of Kim Jong Un’s only trade partners.

China’s refusal to purchase North Korean coal resulted in a 40% decrease in the hermit kingdom’s GDP, adding an immense amount of economic pressure to the already impoverished nation.  Now, as U.S. President Donald Trump continue to apply pressure to the reclusive regime, China has been forced to abandon their shaky alliance with Kim Jong Un, recognizing the reality of the situation. 

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“China recently announced through a state-run newspaper that it will not come to North Korea’s aid if the communist country starts a fight with the United States, but would intervene if Washington struck first.

“The announcement was made through The Global Times newspaper. According to The Washington Post, experts said the news outlet is not an official mouthpiece of China’s communist government, but does reflect government policy in the editorial for this announcement. Experts labeled The Global Times as ‘semiofficial,’ according to The Washington Post.

“In the Friday editorial, China urged both Pyongyang and Washington not to escalate the tensions between themselves, or create any more instability in the Korean Peninsula. It noted, however, that it has been unable to persuade either side to de-escalate up to this point.

“Beijing said it will intervene in order to protect its own interests, if this ‘reckless game’ is continued, and a fight breaks out that no one wants…”

North Korea has yet to fully understand the ramifications of their angsty whining, as Donald Trump and his advisors work toward a decisive plan of action in the region.

Kim Jong Un has long been considered a maniac as it pertains to international diplomacy, but these latest threats have surpassed even the most damning of past statements.  The world is ready for action on the Korean Peninsula, and China’s recent abandonment of North Korea is a strong indication that even the most ardent anti-interventionalists are warming to the possibility of Kim Jong Un’s deposal.

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