Black Lives Matter

Child’s Public Park Party Pillaged by Black Lives Matter Racists

The thugs involved with the Black Lives Matter movement have lost all sense of decorum and class…but I guess that’s not saying much.

This disorganized and violent domestic terror group has built a foundation of hate and racism around their anti-white and anti-police pillars.  Where other “social justice” organizations often work to create their own version of equality, Black Lives Matter is purely a black supremacist cabal of violent and bigoted radicals.

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The group has a habit of interjecting themselves into some of the strangest situations in order to remain relevant.  On numerous occasions, the radical hate group has attempted to commandeer gay pride parades and other leftist gatherings, violently shoving aside those events’ organizations in order to exploit the audience on hand.  Now, to add to the group’s hateful coup calendar, a child’s party in a public park has fallen victim to the black supremacist organization.

“6abc reports that on Monday there was a children’s event at a public park in Philadelphia to celebrate the anniversary of Franklin Square. Former Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell was there to help in the festivities. Everything was going great when all of sudden Black Lives Matter thugs took over the podium.

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“As Rendell was trying to address the children and families, one BLMer with a megaphone shouted ‘You’re racist’ in his face. The protesters also chanted ‘go home’ and ‘David Jones’ who was the armed black man killed by police recently.

“Why exactly did BLM choose this particular event to express their outrage?

“’And we’re saying now that no politician will be safe, no event, no press conference, we don’t care what we have to do. We’re saying as far as that’s concerned, we want justice for David Jones immediately,’ said BLM thug Asa Khalif.

“A white woman tried to get the BLM protesters to calm down when Khalif said, ‘Back up off of me. Back up off of me. Because a black man was shot, I know you don’t give a damn about that. You and your white privilege.’”

Black Lives Matter has been one of the most embarrassing entities in recent American history.

While the original intent of the group was considered to be somewhat noble, a lack of discipline and  penchant for militant radicalization has completely decimated any possibility of the group gaining positive ground.  Instead of working constructively with clear goals, these BLM nitwits are blindly calling for “justice” that they cannot define, nor do they care to.  Instead, the entire group is nothing more than an excuse for black supremacists to gather and intimidate those who don’t share their racial profile.

Black Lives Matter has run its course.  It is time to designate these miscreants as a hate group and outlaw their violent gatherings.

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