Child Marriage Ban in Germany

It should not be something that was allowed in the first place. Many people coming to Germany from Muslim countries have been bringing their minor aged wives with them. It seems that the German people have sought to be tolerant.

Those who have come into Germany married have been allowed to keep their wives no matter their age. But, this is about to change thanks to a new law in the works.

Breitbart reports

Germany’s cabinet on Wednesday plans to agree a ban on child marriages after the recent mass refugee influx brought in many couples where one or both partners were aged under 18.

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The new law, set to receive parliamentary approval by July, is seen as a protective move especially for girls by annulling foreign marriages involving minors.

It will allow youth welfare workers to take into care underaged girls even if they were legally married abroad and, if deemed necessary, separate them from their husbands.

“Children do not belong in the marriage registry office or the wedding hall,” said Justice Minister Heiko Maas in a statement sent to AFP.

“We must not tolerate any marriages that harm minors in their development.”

The law will make things harder for asylum seekers. Some of these men will have to choose between keeping their child brides and coming to Germany. The problem is that the German people will be stuck paying for these children.

If the couple comes into the country and is separated as the law requires, then the child will become the ward of the state. She will be placed into the care of a welfare system. It is unlikely that there will be a demand for these girls to be adopted. There is another issue.

There is the problem of righteousness. What gives Germany the right to take this wife from her husband? Do not misunderstand; I think that it is appalling that a man would desire and marry a little girl. But, once they are husband and wife, who has the authority to separate them?

It would be entirely different if the girl were kidnapped or if she was somehow being forced into the situation. But, if this is the culture that she has come from, and her parent’s consent, who is the state to step in and do anything?

What else will the government restrict? Do you not think that it would be better for these girls if they outlawed female circumcision? If there is one practice of the Muslim besides honor killing that needs addressing, it is this barbaric practice of mutilating a young girl.

But, the marrying of minors in Germany is a big problem. One that the state will have a time getting rid of based on the numbers.

Breitbart continues

There were 1,475 married minors registered in Germany last July — 361 of them aged under 14 — according to the latest figures released after a parliamentary request.

Of these 1,152 were girls, said the interior ministry. The largest group, 664 children, came from Syria followed by 157 from Afghanistan, 100 from Iraq, and 65 from Bulgaria.

This is going to be a difficult problem to solve. And there is the stopping of the practice in private that is going to cause the biggest obstacle for authorities.

I pray that these girls are rescued and that the Lord will convert them to Himself.

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