Chicken Little Liberals and the Global Warming Hysteria

Editorial credit: Rena Schild /

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” warned Chicken Little.

The environmentalists are our modern day Chicken Littles.  Here is what Al Gore had to say about the environment and global warming when he produced his documentary, The Inconvenient Truth, in 2006. “The worst potential catastrophe in the history of human civilization is approaching.” This type of hysterical, melodramatic comment has been espoused by every left wing Marxist politician. Gore’s statement was wrong then. It is just as wrong now. In fact, it’s ridiculous.

The spread of radical Islamic terrorism and its goal of world political conquest and the imposition of Sharia law worldwide, about which the Marxist Democrats don’t seem to care, is not a potential catastrophe to life and liberty for humanity, but a real one that is occurring now. How many hundreds of thousands of Christians and uncooperative Muslims have been killed by these evil jihadists? How many millions of refugees have fled the violence in the Middle East, bringing instability to the nations in which they settle? Yet, the Marxists Democrats have thrown a conniption fit about Trump’s immigration policy that would require the vetting of immigrants who come from seven radical Muslim countries. The Marxist, socialist Democrats have embraced Islam with open arms like a male black widow spider embraces the female spider, only to be eaten alive by her after mating. This is cultural insanity. You can’t make this up…


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