Chick Fil A

Chick Fil A and Cracker Barrel Take Top Spots In Foodservice Survey

America’s overbearing political correctness has taken a backseat in recent months, as the era of President Donald Trump begins taking shape.

Merely months ago, retailers and corporations were frozen in fear over the growing tumult of the radical left, who would impose serious accusations or bigotry over the smallest of connections or statements made by public corporations.  It was a nightmare for many an industry in America, as even the slightest connection to something that some liberal finds offensive could be spread far and wide via social media, oftentimes with diminishing accuracy, until these honest businesses were finding themselves forced to capitulate to the captors of their perception.

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Chick Fil A was a prime example.

The wholesome fast food-esque restaurant, and purported inventor of the chicken sandwich, Chick Fil A was founded on Christian principles that still extend throughout the company’s business today.  All employees and patrons are treated with the utmost respect and civility, and the experience of dining inside of of these restaurants is a uniquely jovial experience because of it.  Now, of course, liberals and leftists couldn’t stand that Chick Fil A had Christian beliefs hiding just below the surface, and somehow found a way to connect the restaurant’s founder, S. Truett Cathy, and his Winshape charity to hate groups designated by the LGBTQ community.  While the claims were certainly frivolous, and fell outside the scope of the chicken business, democrats and their cronies demanded a boycott of the company.

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Chick Fil A continues to move forward, however, embracing the controversy as a teachable moment for their customers and staff.  Now, that hard work in the face of adversity has paid off, as the fast food restaurant has again topped the charts for consumer satisfaction.

“For the first time ever, Americans are reportedly more satisfied with their fast-food dining experiences than they are at full-service casual restaurants, and they like Chick-fil-A better than anyplace else, according to a new report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

“In fact, full-service restaurants earned the lowest score in 10 years — 78 out of a possible 100 — on the annual index, falling a full 3.7 percent from last year.

“Unlike the full-service industry’s slipping score, the fast food industry’s ASCI score remained constant at 79. Chick-fil-A took the top spot among its competitors in the industry for the third year in a row, with a score of 87; Panera Bread and Papa John’s tied for second at 82; and Subway and Arby’s took the fourth and fifth spots, with 81 and 80, respectively.

“When it comes to full-service restaurants, Cracker Barrel remained in first place for a second year, with 84 points. Trailing closely behind were the Texas Roadhouse, with 82; Olive Garden and Red Lobster, both with 81; and Outback Steakhouse, with 80. Red Robin came in dead last of the 12 restaurants on ACSI’s list, with 73 points (down from 80 last year).”

Chick Fil A isn’t the only restaurant topping a list that has come under fire from the left, either.

ASCI’s top full-service establishment, Cracker Barrel, was the focus of a 1991 controversy surrounding “heterosexual behavior” of its staff.  The company, which has established relationships with a number of charitable organizations over the years, has been successful in remedying the issues that the left created for them.

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