Chicago’s Uncontrolled Gun Violence Strikes Girls at School Picnic

The Windy City is coming under fire, figuratively and literally, for their dangerously laughable approach to gun control.

Chicago is one of a few cities in the nation infamous for their restrictive gun ownership policies, falling into company with New York City and a bevy of other liberally-controlled locales.  The difference with Chicago, however, is how their ineffective and worthless handgun ban has not only epitomized the “only outlaws will have guns” argument about gun control, but has created an epidemic of illegal gun violence that has earned the city the dubious nickname “Chiraq”.

You see, in Chicago, handguns are illegal.  Law abiding citizens are not carrying handguns to protect themselves from the criminals who do, leading to an unprecedented streak of homicides and gun violence the likes of which our nation has never seen.

The latest victims in Chicago’s misguided and long-overindulged experiment are young women, school girls, who are attending a school-sponsored picnic at the time of their horrific ordeal.

“Two girls were hit, a 7-year-old in the upper right leg and a 13-year-old in the right hand. They were taken in serious condition to Comer Children’s Hospital, according to Larry Langford, a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department.

“The abandoned playground was strewn with abandoned jump ropes and jackets — and a football with a bullet in it.

“Police said the shooting occurred shortly after three suspended students tried to attend the picnic but were removed from school grounds by security.  They were hanging out at a corner nearby when someone in the black car opened fire, police said.

“The suspended students ran back into the picnic, drawing fire that hit the girls, according to police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.”

This is merely the latest tragedy to be reported from the dark and disgraceful gun violence frontier that is Chicago.

The city is on track to announce a record number of shootings and homicides this year, as has been the unfortunate trend for some time in the Illinois city.  As the town’s miscreants continue to turn to the illegal gun trade to bolster their gangster reputation, innocent Chicagoans will continue to suffer under the unjust laws that prevent them from level pegging in the city of violence.  No, these young school girls would not have been armed, but a history of armed populace would have prevented these heinous shooters from so simply deciding to open fire within the city limits for fear of retaliation by an armed samaritan nearby.



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